MMS and Your Health Under Attack

2010 August 31

Recently, I began receiving all types of emails from fellow subscribers and clients about my stance on the MMS / FDA debate.

You see, it turns out that people all over the world have been sharing the story of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and people have been curing themselves of all types of diseases simply and easily for only a couple pennies worth of product.

We should naturally be happy about this and applaud our new found remedy and outlook on how to deal with deadly pathogens. To me, this is a wonderful thing and I would hope you felt the same way.

Well, as it turns out, there are some souls on this planet that happen to be on more of a “Service To Self” path and do not like the idea that we can take care of ourselves and no longer need, to the same extent, their expensive drugs, surgery, insurance and crappy quality of life they attempt to force us into.

When I first began receiving the emails about the FDA voluntary recalls on MMS and a bunch of other negative news, I didn’t have time to do all the research and find out what was really happening. So, I simply decided to remove my posts on MMS for the time being so as not to have to deal with any negatives while I began sifting thru the information.

Now be clear on this… read more…

Is Bottled Water A Scam?

2010 May 6

It seems everywhere I turn, everyone is not only drinking bottled water, but they are stocking up on it by the case load.

Now, being that water is one of the most important substances we can consume, we would think that this would be a good thing.


I mean, now we get a convenient way to not only carry around but also to purchase some good ole, thirst quenching water.

Well… I say that this depends on whether or not you “give a lick” about your health, your finances, and the environment.

Why do I say that?

Simply because when you look at the truth about bottled water, you will see that it is: read more…

Products Page Now Live

2010 May 3

Many people have been asking me lately about specific products that I am currently using.

Now if you know how I operate, you may know that I usually talk more about the concept or idea of a product rather than tell you to go with 1 brand over another.

However, this just “ain’t cuttin it” for some of my peeps.

So, what I have gone ahead and done is started to put together a “New” page on this site called Products.

Now mind you, this is definitely a work in progress. There are only a few things on that page so far. But, I’ve been coming up with a lot of ideas for this portion of the website that I will be adding in shortly.

In fact, I’m kinda feeling like making some videos for each product listed. Maybe something along the lines of me showing you the products that I use and why I chose it over any others out there.

Something like that. We will see. But for now, let me know your thoughts on this idea and I hope it helps if you were one of the people contacting me and asking.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

To Your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King

Your Wellness Coach

16 Important Functions of Real Sea Salt

2010 April 27

Not too long ago we posed the question: “To Salt or Not to Salt?”

In which we pointed out a few very important details about which type of salt we should and which type of salt we should not be using.

Hopefully, you had a chance to read that one over. If not, check out that short post here – To Salt or Not to Salt

If you did… Great! Then by now you should have made the switch over to real Sea Salts that contain all of the wonderful goodness that our bodies need in order to function optimally.

It’s important to remember that the only salt that the body can digest, assimilate, and utilize properly is unrefined, unprocessed sea salt or rock salt.

Being a “liker of lists”, my thoughts today were that I wanted to share with you one of these “Cool” lists that I found.

This list is on the Importance of Real Sea Salts in your diet.

So lets get right into it… read more…

On Your Path of Wellness with MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution

2010 April 15

You may have noticed that I’ve been talking about MMS a lot lately.

And for a good reason.


Never before have I come across something so simple,  so profound and so cheap that has such a huge impact on the way we view pathogens and how to rid our bodies of them like MMS.

You’ll be amazed at how simple this solution is to finally rid yourself of all types of virus, bacteria, fungus, molds, parasites and the likes.

But… I don’t want you to just take my word for it.

I want you to do your own research and understand exactly what this stuff is and what it can do.

That’s a part of being read more…

Jim Humble, Miracle Mineral Solution and Project Camelot

2010 March 21

Lately I’ve been telling everyone about MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and what the benefits of taking it are.


Because never before have I seen a product that only costs around $20 that can eradicate all pathogens from the body in such an effective way.

And you know what?

I know a lot of people that have been dealing with some form of health challenge due to different virus, yeast, fungus, bacteria, molds, parasites and the likes. And now we have a simple, affordable solution for everyone.

Recently, Project Camelot interviewed Jim Humble, the man who stumbled upon the MMS formula while working on helping a friend who became infected with a deadly pathogen.

In this video interview you get a chance to meet Jim and hear the Miracle Mineral Solution story first hand. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Shawn King

Your Wellness Coach

P.S. – If you haven’t already… make sure you get at least 1 bottle of MMS

Why You Need To Learn About Miracle Mineral Solution -MMS

2010 March 4

It’s pretty rare that I actually come right out and tell people “You really need to take a moment and learn about this”.

However, I feel that this is one of those very important moments and that this WILL have a major impact on not only your health, but the health of everyone on the planet.

So what is this that I speaketh?

I speaketh of the Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS for short.

MMS is currently sweeping through the world of health and disease as you read this. And as it does, it is changing the very fundamental way we look at diseases, specifically the way our bodies deal with pathogens.

What is a pathogen? you may ask. read more…

Hot New Diet Of The Month…

2010 March 3

To Diet or not to Diet?

That is the question.

Personally, I suggest not Dieting, especially if it is the newest, hottest, celebrity, beach, zone, atkins, flush, no fat, no carb, fad diet that is making its way up this weeks “Super City” Best Seller list.


Well, below are a few reasons you may want to really take note of if you have ever been on or know someone who is always dieting.

Here it goes:

* To start, take the word diet. read more…