Show Me The Honey!

2009 November 2

After several inquiries into what kind and how I eat my Raw Honey, I decided to do a little video where I actually show ya.

So… Here it is

YouTube Preview Image

Hope you enjoyed… I got a bunch of little ones like this coming. Stay Tuned

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 November 3
da wiz permalink


thank you!

you’ve inspired me …

… to make a hot whisky with lemon, cloves & honey!

big love, -da wiz

2009 November 3
leticia permalink

Great Video. I do have raw honey and did give a small taste to izabella-oopps.
Won’t do that again. I had no idea of the many benefits it has. Anti-fungul? Hmmmm…. Can you use it as a face mask?

Thanks again Shawn!

2009 November 5

@da wiz – sounds good… You gonna make me one if I come by?

@Leticia – I mentioned the baby thing just for you. Face mask? Try it out and let me know how it goes… Not sure if I would attempt it… You can do it with the coconut oil though… That can be very beneficial.

2009 November 5

Sounds like someone just has a sweet tooth and is trying to cover it up with “nutritional facts” LOL


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