I Decided My Way Here

2009 December 1

Today I woke up and lived my decisions.

Upon waking, I first made a decision between coffee, tea or water with Sea Salt. – I decided on water with Celtic Sea Salt

Then I thought about going down to the ocean for some sunshine and a stroll on the beach. – I decided to work instead.

I got hungry for breakfast and thought about either making Ezekiel Bread Toast, a frozen fruit smoothie, or apples. – I decided to eat 2 apples.

As I was working (since I work for myself) I decided to veer from the days plan of recording some videos and instead I decided to do some writing instead.

When it came to lunch time, I decided to make a large fresh salad with Organic Romaine Lettuce, Raw Beets, Radishes, Celery, and a nice homemade lemon dressing. It was good.

You see…

Life is just like this… read more…

Are You Committed?

2009 November 30

Are you committed to better health?

Seriously… ask yourself. Have you made a commitment to yourself to do what it takes to support a proactive healthy lifestyle?

You see…

I talk with people all the time that tell me that they want better health… but they are not committed to doing what it takes.

What I mean is, we can all say we want to improve our vitality and health, but not actually commit to it.

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to start exercising regularly or eating better?

Have you ever told yourself you were going to make more fresh home cooked meals?

What about start going to a Yoga Class or something along those lines?

Be honest… Because we all do it. We all tell ourselves read more…

2 Ways To Incorporate Xylitol Into Your Routine

2009 November 11

Recently I received the question of “How do you use your Xylitol?”

Now before we get into that its important to note that I do not use a lot of Xylitol in my diet.

In fact, I use it pretty sparingly.

Also, if you are new to Xylitol, what you want to know is that your body may go through a slight adjustment when you first introduce it into your system.

What I mean by this is that some people may experience a slight disturbance in their gut (that means gas, bloating, or frequent trips to the bathroom). I personally never have, but it has been reported as an initial possible side effect. I personally feel that this may be due to the fact that it has an effect on not only Candida, but on Bacteria as well.

And to me, that’s a good thing.

The most important thing about Xylitol in my mind is read more…

Vampire Strength Garlic… What kind do you use?

2009 November 5

If Vampires are repelled by Garlic… Do you think they would be repelled by the pre-chopped stuff that comes refrigerated in a jar?

I mean think about it…

Is that kind of garlic as potent or nutrient rich as the raw garlic we see being used in the movies?

Let’s take a moment to watch this video in which I discuss these 2 types of garlic.

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Show Me The Honey!

2009 November 2

After several inquiries into what kind and how I eat my Raw Honey, I decided to do a little video where I actually show ya.

So… Here it is read more…

Who Eats Honey Anyway?

2009 October 25

Recently we talked about “5 Health Benefits of Raw Honey“…

What didn’t really occur to me at the time was that a lot of people are not used to eating honey anymore.

I mean think about it… Sugar has become the all reigning champion of sweetners in the U.S. by far. And after sugar comes all of the “Unhealthy” sugar substitutes like Equal, Sweet n Low, Splenda… you know, the stuff that is on almost every restaurant table and is toxic to human health. We’ve talked about it a bit… If you haven’t read those posts, at least… check out: Are you still consuming this “Poisonous” ingredient? as well as The Dangers of Aspartame

What’s the point of all this talk anyway?

Well… Its rather simple, when it comes to Wellness… read more…

5 Tips To Ensure A Good Nights Sleep

2009 October 22

Sleep, sleep and more sleep… Ahhhhhh…. I stretch myself awake and roll around in the bed fully rested and ready to take on the day…

Ummmmmmm… Good mornin to ya.

I don’t know about you, but waking up after I’ve slept exactly how long my body needed to on my own sleep schedule, is the only way I like to wake up.

A nice deep, restful, regenerating, sleep.

Unfortunately, most people do not get to do this… In fact, not only do most people have to wake up to an annoying sounding alarm clock, they do that after tossing and turning from a night of unrestful, insomnia like “half-sleep”.

One thing I want you to understand right now…

When your body is out of balance… one of the first places you will notice is in your sleeping patterns.

If you are not sleeping correctly, then that is what I call a “SIGN” or a “HINT” from your body telling you “HEY… Something is wrong, and you need to make some adjustments to fix them!”

Anyway… what I’ve done is record a short video for you to introduce a few basic tips to get you started on your quest to sleeping better. read more…

Oh How Sweet It Is… Xylitol – Nature’s Dentist

2009 October 19

With all the recent press about the dangers of certain sugar substitutes, Xylitol is now presenting a welcome relief. It is not only healthy (good for the teeth and low-glycemic) but tastes and looks identical to normal sugar except for a slight cooling effect on the tongue (there is absolutely no bitter after taste as there is with some sugar substitutes).

So what is Xylitol?Xylitol-Powder

Xylitol is a white crystalline sweetener that occurs naturally in berries, fruit, vegetables, mushrooms lettuce, hardwoods, corn cobs, and birch trees.

In fact, in Finland it is known as “birch sugar”, because the principal raw ingredient in its manufacture is xylan or wood fiber. It is also found naturally in our bodies and is widely distributed throughout nature in small amounts.

It has been noted that about one cup of raspberries contains less than one gram of xylitol.

Is Xylitol Safe?

Xylitol has been shown to be completely read more…