Wellness Water Filters

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Next to the air we breathe, water is the most important substance for our bodies. Unfortunately this precious resource is being bombarded by pollution and chemical contamination on a daily basis. The continued absorption of these toxins has a profound and adverse affect on our long-term health.

The Wellness Filter was designed in the 1980s to replicate the properties of water at the “Fountains of Youth” of the World, such as Fjords in France and the Hunza Valley in Pakistan. Utilizing cutting edge filtration technologies, the Wellness Filter is capable of removing a wide array of contaminants from Chlorine & Chloramines to Heavy metals, VOCs, THMs, MTBE, and Cysts without removing vital minerals. After the water has been purified it passes through 5 layers of exotic Japanese stones which enhance the water with trace levels of rare minerals, restructure it so it hydrates the body better, and add antioxidant properties which combat free-radicals in the body.

Wellness enhancement technology was first introduced in the form of a consumer water purification system (the “Wellness Filter”) by Wellness’ founder, Haru Naito, over twenty years ago. This system has been acclaimed for its ability to induce into water unique properties that improve or enhance water’s already vital role in life. Specifically, the technology can be used to produce water that exhibits the following properties:

  • Higher rates of transmissivity to make it more readily absorbable by humans, animals and plants
  • Reduced ions for a greatly improved and natural antioxidant effect
  • Higher Solubility, making water “wetter”
  • Additional trace minerals that enhance cellular and biological function and stabilize pH
  • Natural resistance to the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi

How do the Wellness Enhancement Media create healthier water?

Tenko-Seki® – A proprietary ceramic media that adds reduced (negative) ions into the water. Classified as a Far-Infrared Emitting Ceramic, Tenko-Seki is made of a proprietary blend of volcanic media. Far-Infrared Ceramics work by converting thermal or mechanical energy into far-infrared energy. Therapeutic saunas utilizing far-infrared ceramic heaters are quite popular due to their effectiveness with detoxification. Wellness uses tenko-seki for a similar purpose, ionizing water to provide a natural detoxifying effect.

Magnetite – An iron ore that takes on the properties of any surrounding magnetic field. An integral part of our patented magnetic treatment stage, magnetite creates dozens of magnetic fields that water must pass through. This process increases solubility and reduces surface tension. Water with an increased level of solubility is able to hold an increased level of dissolved substances and prevent existing dissolved solids from plating out (anti-scaling). The combined effect is a super-hydrating water that will accelerate its transport (and whatever is dissolved in it) through internal and external membranes.

Bakuhan® – The only mineral ever to be certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health as possessing natural medicinal qualities. Elutes trace minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, yttrium, vanadium, silica, and others into the water that have been shown to have a therapeutic effect on arthritis and circulation, and to accelerate the healing of burns. Fills the buffering capacity of water, creating an alkaline effect in your body. It is important to note that pH and alkalinity, while related, are not the same and your water’s pH will vary depending on your source water.

Taicho® – A rare Japanese stone noted for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Wellness has tested the properties of Taicho in the laboratory and several agricultural applications and found that the water stimulates plant growth while retarding the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus.

Quartz – Made of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). Adds soluble silica to the water which acts as a catalyst, increasing the effect of other enhancement media. Silica has also been shown through early studies to significantly improve bone health and cognitive function and reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease and other associated disorders. It is believed that Silica acts as an “antidote” to Aluminum, a known neurotoxin.

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What Wellness Filter Products Are Available? (Click images to purchase from amazon)

Wellness Carafe

Price: $39.95


Wellness Carafe Cartridge 3-Pack

Price: $44.95


Wellness H2.O Bottle

Price: $29.95


Wellness H2.O Replacement Cartridge

Price: $20.00

Replacement cartridge with enhancement media for Wellness H2.O bottles. Cartridge should be changed yearly or every 150 Gallons.


Wellness Shower Filter

Price: $189.00

Shower in a waterfall with the revolutionary Wellness Shower, the world’s only anti-aging shower system. Certified by NSF to reduce chlorine for 27,000 gallons (18 – 24 months), 3 times longer than the average certified system. Enhances water to increase hydration of skin and hair by 115%!


Wellness Shower Cartridge

Price: $149.00

A replacement cartridge for your Wellness Shower. Cartridge should be changed every 27,000 gallons or 18 – 24 months. (Top portion only)


Wellness Kitchen (Above-Sink)

Price: $595.00

The Wellness Kitchen is the next generation of water filtration equipment. NSF certified carbon block reduces Chlorine, Chloramines, VOCs, PCBs, MTBE, THMs, Heavy Metals, Asbestos, and Cysts while the new NanoCeram wrap reduces Bacteria by 99.9999% and Virus by 99.99%! Produces superior water at triple the flow of the average kitchen filter, all while enhancing the water with 5 layers of Japanese volcanic stones which add alkaline minerals and increase hydrating ability.


Wellness MG-III

Price: $5,950.00

The Wellness MG-III is the ultimate water purification and enhancement system for your home. Produces better-than-bottled-quality water from every tap. Reduces Chlorine, Chloramines, Heavy Metals, THMs, and VOCs and enhances the water with 5 layers of Japanese volcanic stones which add alkaline minerals and increase hydrating ability. The Wellness MG-III produces 10 gallons per minute of water, meeting the demands of most medium to large homes and light commercial operations.