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2010 May 3

Many people have been asking me lately about specific products that I am currently using.

Now if you know how I operate, you may know that I usually talk more about the concept or idea of a product rather than tell you to go with 1 brand over another.

However, this just “ain’t cuttin it” for some of my peeps.

So, what I have gone ahead and done is started to put together a “New” page on this site called Products.

Now mind you, this is definitely a work in progress. There are only a few things on that page so far. But, I’ve been coming up with a lot of ideas for this portion of the website that I will be adding in shortly.

In fact, I’m kinda feeling like making some videos for each product listed. Maybe something along the lines of me showing you the products that I use and why I chose it over any others out there.

Something like that. We will see. But for now, let me know your thoughts on this idea and I hope it helps if you were one of the people contacting me and asking.

Hope you are having a wonderful day.

To Your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King

Your Wellness Coach

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2010 May 5
leticia permalink

Shawn, I like the idea of the page products. A place I can reference to instead of bugging you all the time:) When talking to my friends about your wellness coaching it would easier to just pass the link. Thanks

PS are you going to blog about your cleanse?

2010 May 5

Hi Leticia,

Glad you like the idea… I know you kept asking for something along these lines.

As for the stuff about the cleansing… That stuff goes into the course…

In fact, I just got done adding a few new things I just learned into the course on the cleansing i just did.

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