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2008 September 11

You Are About To Discover Why So Many People Just Like You Are Switching To A Comp Plan That Actually Pays…….. The Power Of A Modified 2 Up!

What exactly is a 2 Up?

Imagine that you have been introduced to a top-notch program that utilizes a 2-up system.

Now Imagine this program has a start up package of $4000.00 and is a onetime direct sales payment that keeps you in business with them for say 3 years.

Now, let’s also say the payout is somewhere around 50%.

In this example, we are going to use a modified 2 Up.

So in each sale there is a minimum direct sales payout of 2000.00.

Of that 2000.00 you can earn 500.00 in direct commissions on your first two training sales.

Your Sponsor, the person who is coaching you, doing most of the work, showing you the ropes and brought you into the program earns 1000.00 on each of your sales for training you.

Now in this example there is still 500 to be paid out. That 500 is then able to pass up and pay the management team who is in place and helping everyone, including you, every step of the way.

So what we have now is that there is 1500.00 paid out on each new registration that comes in that you have immediate access to.

Once you reach your third person and beyond, you earn the 1500.00 on each new recruit or sale that you bring in.

You are now able to assist them with the management team in their training and you earn 1000.00 on each of their first two sales.

If the system is a good one, then once your team reaches a certain level or size, meaning you have learned the ropes and built a team, you can then qualify to be on the management team and earn portions of the remaining 500.00 that is paid out in overrides on every sale done by anyone on your team.

That’s leverage if you ask me.

You see, with the example given it only takes a few sales a month and you can be earning a substantial income.

If you are like the average person that joins any sales business you should be able to be trained and assisted well enough to make the average which is around 4 sales (for beginners that is) last I checked.

Let’s say you never made another personal sale your entire life and you were only able to do 3.

Now that 3rd person does what you just did. They bring in 3. You make 1000.00 on the first two and now those two are on your front line.

Did you understand that?

You just doubled your front line from 1 to 2.

If those two do what you did, which was 3, then you earn 1000.00 on each of their first two sales earning you another 4000.00.

Now you just doubled your front line again from 2 to 4.

We will do this one more level so you start to see the power in this type of program and the earning potential that it has to be able to pay you large sums up front now.

Those 4 do what you did with the assistance of you and your management team and again you earn 1000.00 on each of their first two.

You just earned another 8000.00 and doubled your front line again.

If you are jumping ahead, you can do the math and see that 8 will double to 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024…….. you get the picture, now just add the 000’s and see how the numbers work.

This is all off of you doing only 3 sales with the help, assistance and training of your sponsor and management team.

Imagine if you create a team of 20 people and everyone does only 1 sale a month?

That nets you 20,000.00/month. And it brings 20 new people to the team.

Once I understood this I saw the power of a Direct Sales 2 Up program.

My main questions were what do I need to do to qualify to the management team, what are the products and services and where do I sign-up?

I can remember back to a time when I used to spend all of it recruiting and doing sales that were for pennies and never amounted to anything close to what I earn with only a few sales a month.

The 2 Up system leverages you big time, pays you big sums now, constantly refreshes as new team members come on board and if you are working with high demand, great products and services, it appeals to the masses.

To Your Success,

Shawn King

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