Are you using a funded proposal system?

2008 September 22

What exactly is a funded proposal and why would I use one?

Well, If you have a home based business in direct sales or network marketing or you are thinking of starting one, you should be using a funded proposal system.

Did you know that most people who start a home business run out of advertising money before they actually start making a profit.

A funded proposal is a strategy in which you get your prospects to pay you for your marketing, regardless of whether or not they buy into your primary business.

It is a marketing strategy which incorporates a means for offsetting the cost of your marketing while still generating leads for your business.

Many internet marketers go about this by selling somewhat generic business information or training up front and presenting it in an informative way, one that can help you generate a bit of income as well as some valuable business contacts.

Then you are building a list of qualified, educated prospects that could become business partners or that you could create joint ventures with.

You see statistically 97% of your prospects are not going to join your business or buy your products. So while you are advertising to find the 3% who will, you can actually appeal to the other 97% with your generic (non-company specific) marketing training.

So this way the 97% who may buy the generic trainings (in which you earn a commission) will actually fund your marketing efforts while you continue to sort for the 3% who will join you.

This then creates a funded marketing system that pays for itself.

So if i were to say market the generic trainings and earn enough commissions to cover all of my marketing expenses then I would in essence be creating a list of potential partners or affiliates for free or possibly even be being paid to do so.

Now I dont know about you, but that makes much more sense than buying leads or constantly spending money on marketing and advertising and not recouping all of your costs thru new sales of your primary business (the 3%).

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Once I understood this concept, my entire process for doing business changed fundamentally. The training totally revolutionized my thinking and strategies for building my businesses online. This training should be required for all home based business owners that are in direct sales or network marketing.

The funded proposal system is the new way to do business without going broke in the process of getting it off the ground.

Get the proper training, register for the Free Bootcamp now, you’ll be glad you did, I know I am.

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Shawn King

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