The 4 Major Reasons We Have Health Issues

2008 October 20

Did you know that if you break it down and categorize it, we usually only have health issues for 4 main reasons.

Sounds pretty simple yet profound when you understand it.

So what are the 4 major reasons?

1 – Nutritional Deficeincies – If you have deficeincies in essential nutrients then you will not have the raw materials needed which are used as basic building blocks to build cells and to have them function normally. This is what I like to refer to as Essential Nutrients for proper Structure/Funtion. You have to have them for your body to live, period.

2 – Toxicity – Your body is known to accumulate toxins. Toxin comes from a Greek word meaning “Poison”, so toxins are poisons and they can kill you. Toxins come from Internal by-product waste and external chemicals that are in the Air we Breathe, the Food we Eat and the Water we Drink. In today’s toxic environment we are bombarded with over 75,000 different man made chemicals that are all around us and are unnatural to this planet and Our Bodies. Therefore, you must periodically detox the body to help rid yourself of these toxins so they do not interfere with normal cellular function. We will want to learn how to detox/cleanse: the Colon (intestines), Liver/Gallbladder, Kidneys/Bladder, as well as cleansing/detoxing for parasites, candida yeast and heavy metals. All of which will interfere with normal physiological function and may cause Health Issues.

3 – Stress – We have all heard the term and I’m sure are familiar with the feelings of Physical, Mental and Emotional Stress. Stress will interfere with normal function and actually change your physiology. In today’s world you NEED to have stress reducing activities. Whether it be in the form of Meditation, yoga, sitting in nature, exercise, massage or any other activity that calms your mind, brings you back into the awareness of the Now and relaxes your mind/body/spirit.

4 – Electropollution – This is a new term for most and deals with today’s high tech world. Electropollution refers to all of the things that can interfere with your body’s natural energetic field. Things like: Cell phones, power lines, power grids, laptops, cell towers, satellites, satellite dishes, radio waves, etc…. All of these things can mess with your energy field and cause health issues. There are now a multitude of things that you can do to offset these electrodisturbances.

And there you have it, the 4 major reasons that we have health issues.

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To Your Health and wellbeing,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 October 6

Shawn, you should be on tv & radio! This is important information.

2009 October 6

Hey Shawn, you should put a link to your course on this post so that people who might not know about it yet can go check it out. (that’s my .02)

2009 October 6

Thanks Ya’ll…

Interesting that I wrote this almost a year ago and it is actually the basis of my entire Wellness Coaching Course at

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