Goal – Balanced Hormonal System

2008 November 9


Principle #1 – A “Mother” hormone “turns itself into” any one of the sixteen different hormones our adrenal glands produces to help bring our hormonal system into balance (homeostasis).

Principle #2 – The “mother hormone” (DHEA) reaches peak production between the ages of 20-25. By the age of 65, we only have 5% production of DHEA.

Principle #3 – We are able to produce very little of the Phytosterols from our foods today.  The real problem is that we do not get enough Phytosterols from foods — only about 3-5 mgs vs the 50-75 mgs other cultures get.  We need essential phytosterols which the body can then easily convert to DHEA.

If we can not get them from out foods, the we need to supplement them.

- Use Dioscorea (the Mexican Wild Yam) as a precursor for DHEA

- Use Nutraceutical grade supplements - Natural substances with scientific evidence that provide support without toxicity or chance of overdosing.

Some possible symptoms of Hormonal system being out of balance:

Overweight, Allergies, Arthritis,

Coronary disease, Memory Loss,

Depression, Atherosclerosis, PMS

Menopause, Osteoporosis, High Cholesterol,

Diabetes, Hay Fever, Multiple Sclerosis,

Stress, Alzheimer’s, Liver Problems, Aids,

Cancer, Aging

Remember if it’s a path of Wellness that we seek, then it’s all about creating a balance within ourselves and our systems.

When you balance out your hormone/endocrine system not only will you feel great, you will not have to think of all the things that could happen if you are chronically out of balance, like all the things listed above.

The Wellness Coach,

Shawn King


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