Our Broken Health Care System and The Wellness Revolution

2008 November 24

As a nutraceutical wellness consultant my mission is to educate people about certain steps they can take to optimize their health at the cellular level.  And, to set an example of how simple it is to start up one of the most lucrative businesses currently available to anyone that wants to partake in this emerging wellness revolution.

As a result of everything I’ve learned and been exposed to, I’m also personally motivated to create awareness about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and to reveal the truth about real solutions that are available now which allow people to prevent and even reverse all of the chronic health conditions that are ravaging our population at increasingly alarming rates.

If you haven’t noticed, our current health care system is broken and in dire need of change. Conventional medicine only focuses on managing the symptoms of diseases, and does nothing to address or fix the root causes.

Former FDA commissioner Herbert Lay was once quoted as saying that “most people are under the impression that the FDA is there to protect them, It isn’t.”

What the FDA is doing and what the general public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day.

When you research the FDA’s history over the past few decades, it becomes blatantly obvious that they have been and currently are protecting the profits of the pharmaceutical companies as opposed to the health and safety of the American people.

Did you know that the FDA prohibits nutritional supplement companies from telling you about how nutrients in their products can prevent or treat diseases?

Because of the laws that are in place at the FDA, these companies are not allowed to tell the truth about the disease fighting capability of their natural products.

The bottom line is that there are safe and effective alternatives to conventional medicine, this is where nutraceutical supplements come into play.

Getting involved with this Trillion dollar wellness revolution enables you to safeguard your most priceless possession, your health, while simultaneously helping others do the same.

When you do, you can enjoy FREEDOM. Financial Freedom, Health Freedom and the Time Freedom to enjoy both!

Let me know if you’re someone that might have some of the qualities I’m looking for in leaders who can join me on this mission!

As always, To Your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King


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