Give yourself a simple health checkup with these 2 easy to check points

2008 November 24

I have been reading this great book by Dr. Gillian McKeith called You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life

This book is filled with tons of tips and tidbits on foods and your body.

I found a few sections that I thought should be passed on so you can do some simple health checks on yourself.

The first one was on pimples and parts of your body. The following is excerpted from the book without the added solutions sections.

Pimples point to congestion or imbalances. Depending on where they are situated on the body, you can tell which organ is affected.

Pimples on: Body part affected

Forehead: Intestinal Area

Shoulder: Digestive Area

Cheeks: Lungs and Breast Area

Chest: Lung and Heart Area

Nose: Heart Area

Jaw: Kidney Area

Upper Back: Lung Area

Around the Mouth: Reproduction Area

The next section that I wanted to share was on your Pooh, otherwise known as your Stool. Again this reproduction that I post will not contain the Solutions section.

Greasy Stools That Won’t Flush – Floating stools that will not flush show a liver imbalance

Foul-Smelling Stools – A sign of poor digestion and food stagnating in your large intestine. This means that you are toxic and your gut is overly acidic. You are sorely in need of digestive enzymes.

Skid Mark Stools – Your stools have too much mucus, so the slide and stick to the edge of the toilet. You are lacking good quality fiber in your diet and need to eat more foods high in food enzymes. The stickiness is a sign of dampness inside the body – a very common condition.

Pellets – If you are producing rabbit droppings, they your liver needs help as it is congested.

Light-Colored Stools – If your stools are light beige in color or have a yellow appearance it’s a sign that you have difficulty digesting fatty foods. You are also most likely deficient in essential fatty acids, the good fats.

Food In Your Stool – It is normal to find sweetcorn skin in your stools as the outer skin is fairly indigestible. However, if you find remnants of other foods, then it may mean your digestive system is weak. Also, you may not be chewing your food enough. Chew your food thoroughly and remember that your stomach doesn’t have any teeth.

Worms in your Stool – Do a worm and parasite cleanse right away. Black Walnut Hull Tincture, Wormwood and Clove. ( I buy mine here from Dr. Clark Store )

Loose And Runny Stools All The Time – Not once in awhile, but all the time. This is a sign that your Spleen function is exhausted.

Thin Shreddy Stools – Your Colon is screaming out for help: Please Clean Me!

So next time you breakout with pimples or go #2, do a self analysis on yourself to see if you could use a health boost with a cleanse or essential nutrient support.

I hope you enjoyed the info. The book is filled with tons of it. If you want to pick it up from Amazon, I provided the link here

You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life

To Your Health and Wellbeing,

Shawn King

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2008 November 29

That was a pretty good run-down that anybody could follow. Thanks for posting this. It is easy to forget how our body will show signs that are “directions” on where to look for the underlying problem. These are not the problems that need to be treated, but the symptoms that need to be analyzed and further investigated to get to the “root” causes, as you stated.

2008 December 3

Hi Shawn,
Looks like an interesting book, I found where pimples are located indicate a problem area of the body very interesting. Some of the stool problems could be related to a friendly bacteria (probiotic) issue. Try some plain yogert or a probiotic supplement could solve the problem. Cleansing and detoxing liver and kidneys altrnately every 4 months can bring a disease free life.


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