MMS and Your Health Under Attack

2010 August 31

Recently, I began receiving all types of emails from fellow subscribers and clients about my stance on the MMS / FDA debate.

You see, it turns out that people all over the world have been sharing the story of Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) and people have been curing themselves of all types of diseases simply and easily for only a couple pennies worth of product.

We should naturally be happy about this and applaud our new found remedy and outlook on how to deal with deadly pathogens. To me, this is a wonderful thing and I would hope you felt the same way.

Well, as it turns out, there are some souls on this planet that happen to be on more of a “Service To Self” path and do not like the idea that we can take care of ourselves and no longer need, to the same extent, their expensive drugs, surgery, insurance and crappy quality of life they attempt to force us into.

When I first began receiving the emails about the FDA voluntary recalls on MMS and a bunch of other negative news, I didn’t have time to do all the research and find out what was really happening. So, I simply decided to remove my posts on MMS for the time being so as not to have to deal with any negatives while I began sifting thru the information.

Now be clear on this…

When I first did my research on Miracle Mineral Solution, I knew then and there that it was only a matter of time before the big corporations that actually run this corrupt government and FDA came after this product. After all, it abated the need for their less effective products in which they are heavily invested.

Here is the initial press release by the FDA -

Now be sure to actually read through the previous information posted on this site about how MMS actually works and what it does inside the body so as to come to your own conclusions on this matter.

So what have I found in my more deeper investigation?


That’s right… The data and regulations of the FDA prove that MMS actually works!

The following is a few excerpt’s from some of the info I’ve been exposed to recently.

MMS kills 95% of all diseases: It may surprise you that there is one point concerning MMS that all people agree on.  At least all government agencies that are involved, universities, scientists and even my critics all admit to it. The chemical chlorine dioxide, which is what MMS generates, is one of the most effective killers of disease pathogens known to man.  At this late time in the game, no group argues against the point that chlorine dioxide kills at least 95% of all disease pathogens upon contact.  It is simply a known scientific fact.  There are plenty of scientific papers on the Internet giving this data.  Just Google “chlorine dioxide.”  FDA 21CFR173.300 is just one of many FDA regulations authorizing the use of chlorine dioxide to kill pathogens.  Google “FDA chlorine dioxide” for more evidence.  You can read 21CFR by putting it in your browser.

Chlorine dioxide does no damage to the human body: The next argument was that chlorine dioxide goes forth and kills everything in its path including good and bad bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungus and also damages human body parts.  But that is not so.  There are thousands of industrial corporations listed on the Internet that use chlorine dioxide for the very reason, because it can be very selective in what it destroys (oxidizes).  When properly used at low levels of concentration it can select pathogens and not affect body parts.  For a list of companies using chlorine dioxide because it is selective, Google “chlorine dioxide selective.”  Here is a quote by the US Gov EPA  Http:// 4.1 Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry: Chlorine dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced to chlorite (ClO2-) (Hoehn et al., 1996).  4.4 – Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidant and disinfectant.  Its disinfecting mechanisms are not well understood, but appear to vary by the type of microorganism. 4.4.1 – In the first disinfection mechanism, chlorine dioxide reacts readily with amino acids cysteine, tryptophan, and tyrosine, but not with viral ribonucleic acid (RNA) (Noss etal., 1983; Olivier et al., 1985) It was concluded that chlorine dioxide inactivated viruses by altering the viral capsid proteins.

There is no dangerous liability to ingesting chlorine dioxide over an extended period of time. The next argument was the concept that taking MMS might be dangerous when taking it for a few days. But that has also been proven not true.  Back in 1982, the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC conducted an extended double blind clinical trial to determine that very fact, whether there is a liability in taking chlorine dioxide over a period of time.  They also tested the chemicals sodium chlorite, and sodium chlorate at the same time.  The tests were conducted with humans and not with rats, thus one does not have to try to extrapolate to show that rats can equal humans.  The tests conducted showed that no adverse conditions resulted in human bodies.  Here is the link to the report.  Read it for yourself and decide.

MMS leaves no dangerous chemicals behind to cause side effects: The final argument generally was, “MMS may leave dangerous chemicals behind when it deteriorates.” But that is not true either.  The chemistry of chlorine dioxide proves that it cannot leave anything dangerous behind as it deteriorates into its component parts: sodium chlorite, sodium chlorate, and table salt (sodium chloride).  They are all gone from your body within several hours.

MMS destroys at least 95% of the diseases of mankind: MMS destroys cancer and all the rest of the diseases that you or your loved ones might ever get.  More than 5 million people have used MMS. More than 150 thousand books have been sold in Germany alone and it has been translated to over 18 languages, including Russian, Japanese, and Chinese, and is selling in most European countries.  More than 50 thousand books have sold in the US.  More than 5 million free MMS books have been downloaded.  At least 200,000 lives have been saved to date.

The FDA has decided that they will take MMS away from the people. They are forcing the MMS stores to recall every bottle that was sold and now they want to watch while the owners destroy everything in their shops.  This is also happening in Japan, no doubt instigated by our FDA.  This is the start, but they want to take it all away from the world, and they will do their best to use their authority to see that the world does not have MMS.

Can you possibly believe that 220,000 people died last year after taking an FDA-approved drug prescribed by a doctor? Well that is a fact and it is well documented on the Internet.  Not one person worldwide died from taking MMS.  The critics like to name a couple of cases worldwide where someone died, but in each case there was no logical connection to MMS.

The FDA intends to send the owners of the MMS stores to prison as examples for the world to see that no one must ever again be able to cure themselves of disease. Do you see?  MMS, a chemical that has been discovered to cure the diseases of Mankind, is in danger of being disregarded for all time.  We cannot let this happen.  Those of you who cannot believe in MMS should still stand against making MMS illegal.  What if, on the off chance, I could be right?  Will you take the chance of losing something that might save you or a loved one?  Why take the chance?  If nothing else, insist that it be tested in Labs throughout the world.

End Excerpts

As you can see from the few selections I chose to reproduce here that our ability to chose health and wellness products for ourselves is becoming harder and harder. This is not the first product that I’ve seen go through these types of allegations and attacks.

So what can you take away from all this?

Well for starters, you can take the thought that I still stand 100% behind this product and behind the information I’ve previously posted on this site about MMS.

Second, take away the knowing that in the current reality of things, we are not supported by our selected government to be healthy and have a wide range of cost effective treatments that can eradicate disease as we know it.

Thirdly, If I were you, I would go back through the previous posts on MMS and download the information provided on how to make your own MMS. It could save the life of you or a loved one in the near future. I’m not sure were it can still be purchased. Everywhere that I knew of has been thwarted by the FDA.

And lastly, know that we are not in the land of the free when it comes to health and wellness information. I have seen way too many attacks on natural health products that actually support our natural physiology to be healthy and free of disease and illness. Think about it… If everyone on the planet were supported to be healthy and well, then the current “Sickness Model” would come tumbling down and become non-existent. (If only I live to see that day).

That’s all for now. I’m going to go take a low dose of MMS. (take that FDA)

Your Wellness Coach

Shawn King

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2010 September 1
Doug permalink

Good work Shawn. Now we can all work together to help those that are being threatened with prison for selling MMS protect themselves and along the way preserve the right for people to have access to MMS and all natural remedies for that matter. Daniel at PGL is the first seller to be targeted. Please help put the word out for people all over the world to donate funds for his defense. Here is the link for making donations:
Any funds beyond what he needs he will pass on to others in the same situation. Thanks for the help.

2010 September 1
Tim permalink

I love it Shawn, I was reading the entire article, and the whole time I was thinking, I need to take a shot of MMS, and then you end your review perfectly, with a shot,
The FDA is pure tyranny, run by pharmawhores. its almost to the point that whatever they recommend, you should do the opposite.

2010 September 4
Jeannette permalink

GREAT article Shawn. A bit scary but very informative. Thank you for all your research.

2010 September 29
Bram Janssens permalink

Keep me informed
Kind regards and goor luck!
The Netherlands

2012 November 8
Paul permalink

Hi There

What are you thought on this? I am thinking about trying MMS for Lyme Disease

The thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are phenols and therefore subject to destruction by chlorine dioxide. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid regular daily use of any oxides of chlorine except in special circumstances. For example, in severe life threatening acute infections such as pneumonias, bacteremias, cavitary abscesses or meningitides the risk of permitting the infection to progress may be far greater than any risks of oxidative stress or risks of thyroid hormone destruction.

2013 July 6

Thank you for taking the time to explain all of this – very valuable information!

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