Glyconutrients, Do I have to have them?

2008 October 28

Did you know that the study of glyconutrients is revolutionizing the science of medicine?

Tens of thousands of research studies prove they are VITAL for health and longevity.

Glyconutrients are a combination of 8 monosaccharides (sugars) extracted from plants that have been scientifically identified as essential to the proper function of our body. These nutrients are not the kind of sugar we should avoid.

They are considered bioactive sugars.

However, only 2 of the 8 essential sugars (carbohydrates or monosaccharides) that our bodies need are currently readily available in our modern diets.

Our body does have the ability to synthesize the other 6, however this is considered as a state of starvation. And since many people have inadequate nutrition, toxic bodies, metabolism errors (lack of enzymes or vitamins), are stressed, than frequently this synthesis does not occur, which can be detrimental to our health.

Obtaining these nutrients in supplemental form is therefore of VITAL importance. Even small amounts of these essential nutrients, or lack of them, can have profound effects on our health.

Glyconutrients aid in a process called glycosylation that links specific saccharides with proteins to form glycoproteins.

Glycoproteins are critical for proper gland, organ, and hormone function.

Numerous hormones, hormone receptors, and hormone binding proteins are glycoproteins, and they form the structure of every cell in your body.

These nutrients also provide the building blocks for cell to cell communication and enhance the bioavailability and utilization of other nutrients.

They also assist in the ability of our immune system to detect diseases, toxins, and viruses.

Glyconutrients have been found to strengthen the immune system and naturally increase killer cells in healthy people up to 50% and in sick people up to 400%.

In tests conducted at leading institutes around the world, glyconutrients have shown to have antiviral and antibacterial effects, act effectively as antioxidants because they stimulate glutathione production, lower cholesterol, increase lean body mass and decrease body fat, speed up wound healing, releive allergy symptoms, and dramatically improve health of people with autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and arthritis to name a few.

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Shawn King

Inspired by  The Hormone from Heaven (Have You Heard of DHEA?)
by Tonita d’Raye

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