Are you providing value?

2008 December 16

When you take a look around and ask yourself what people really want, what is it that you come up with?

I came up with value.

So then the question arose of, Am I providing value to my readers, subscribers and website visitors?

As I began to look over my website and ask people questions that had visited recently I began to notice a trend of too much info for 1 visit.  So then I asked if they had returned to check out the rest and the majority had not.

With that in mind, I realized that my intentions were there with all the info I had put up to share with the cyberworld, however the messages were not getting across due to the format of the information.

So, was I really providing value to people the way I was doing things?

In a short answer, NO I was not.  It was not laid out in a way that was conducive to people’s time and learning capacity.

I then realized that what I had already put up was only the tip of the iceberg, in my mind, of what I wanted to share and that I had so much more.

Then the big question, What to do?

A few days after this realization, I was doing some consulting on the phone with an old friend who was having some health challenges and it struck me like a raindrop on the forehead.  A lightbulb went off and ideas began to flood into my mind.

What if I actually put my site together like a real coaching program?  Duhhh…

I’m talking something that would be easy to follow along, easy to understand and that created a big picture and deeper understanding of what I was talking about.

This way several things would happen.

1 – People would get more info on a particular subject.

2- They would get the info in small, easy to digest tidbits.

3 – I could guide them thru the processes over a longer period of time

4 – They could sign up for the lessons, that way they would be delivered directly to their inbox

5 – They would learn the info over the course of 1 – 2 months so it would not feel like overload in one sitting.  (That was some feedback I was getting)

6 – I could create different levels of the program depending upon people’s interest in learning and incorporating the information.

To me, it was a brilliant idea. (Of course, it was mine.)

Now there I was excited to get the project underway.  To date I have put in well over 100 hours so far into creating this Wellness Coaching Program. 

I am very pleased with the way it is coming together and am planning on launching it live just before Christmas. 

I have estimated about another 100 hours or so before it will be complete.

So to some of you whom have asked were I have been and why I have not been posting anything new lately, this is why.

I want to provide real value! 

Therefore, I am working around the clock to do so and have not created the time to come and blog tidbits for you due to the timing of when I would like to release this program.

So now ask yourself,  Are you providing Value?

To your successes,

Shawn King

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