Are you getting your 15 minutes?

2009 January 16

Warm winds breezing through your hair as the palm trees rustle in the background, the rolling ocean waves come crashing down along what seems like an endless beach as you dig your bare feet into the soft, powdery sands while you feel like you are melting under the glare of the hot, radiant, glowing sun…..

Are you there with me?

Take a deep breath now and breathe in that moist, warm, salty air of your favorite winter get away.

With the holidays behind us and the heart of winter upon us, I have heard so many of you and my other friends talk about wanting to get away on a vacation to a nice, sunny, warm climate.

It’s about the exact time of year (just like every other year of my life so far) that most of my friends in the north begin experiencing what they like to call Seasonal Depression Disorder.

That seems to be the accepted name given to a slew of symptoms that I personally classify under lack of sunshine and frozen extremities.

Why do I classify it as such?

Because they are living in the frozen dark. 

Therefore, they are lacking an ample amount of sunshine on their bodies for days at a time.

When sunshine touches your skin it begins a chemical reaction in your body which begins the sythesis of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D promotes bone formation, regulates parathyroid hormone secretion and affects the immune system to name a few things.

When you go for months at a time during the shortest daylight days of the year all bundled up and cold, you run a very high risk of not getting enough Vitamin D.

I mean seriously, how long can you go in the frozen grey before you start to lose it mentally?

Why is it that about this time everyone I know whom lives in the frozen grey begins to daydream about the beaches we envisioned earlier?

Could this be from a lack of sunshine?

We know that we are suppose to get an average of 15 minutes of sunshine on our bare skin every day to meet our vitamin D daily requirements.

So now the BIG question,

Are you getting your 15 minutes?

To your health and well being,

The Wellness Coach

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