Is That The Best You Can Do?

2009 February 6

As I sat in this quite, plain, white room with only a few chairs, a table and a laptop, free from all distractions and outside disturbances, I began to question what I have been doing for the past few months.

I mean there I was sitting, staring at the computer and getting ready to share my wellness coaching program “On Your Path Of Wellness” with a good friend and open myself up for feedback and criticism for the first time about what I had created thus far. (If you’ve ever done this with anything you have ever created, written, produced,  you may know the feelings of anxiety, nervousness and excitement all bundled up together giving you a bit of the he-be-ge-bees (whatever that may really mean),  as you prepare to be analyzed and picked apart).

You see the thing is, I’ve been telling everyone that’s been asking what I’ve been up to that I’ve been creating this Coaching Program and how it’s gonna be unlike anything they have seen thus far and it’s gonna go live like yesterday.

However, If you’ve ever embarked on creating a course, there is alot of work, rethinking, and reworking  involved which tends to take alot of time.

So needless to say, something I thought would have been done in December is still not done, and it’s February all ready.

Back to the story of sitting there, I opened up the program and hit play on the first video.

Have you ever filmed yourself talking about something and then watched yourself?

Now this was definately not the first time I’ve seen myself on film, but it was the first time I was actually being a super critic about every mannerism, lighting, sound, wardrobe, camera angle, etc.. you get the picture.

Not only was I doing this, but so was my trusted friend.

And then it happened…

“Hold it, hit stop!”

“Do you realize you repeated yourself? Why are you using those words inparticular? How come you dont answer this question in the video?” and a slew of other questions started coming my way.

Now at first, I gotta admit, it was a bit tough to take some hard criticism, it had been awhile since any had been given in this manner. And the funny thing is, at first, I didnt even catch what they meant, I was looking at all the other things in the video like angle, lighting, sound and whether or not I made sense and the message was being conveyed.

What I wasn’t paying attention to 100% was the exact detailed words I used and how someone that does not know me personally could take them off in the wrong direction and misinterpret what I wanted to get across.

What I learned was invaluable…

I had to sit there and ask myself “Is This The Best I Can Do?”

I took a deep long look at what I had done and realized that I could do better. Much better!

What I took away was an understanding that this was not the best I could do. I was capable of so much more.

And back to the drawing board I went to redo all my video’s (the only thing we agreed needed to be redone). Other than that, the lesson plan, the guidebook, layout, everything else is done and got a big thumbs up.

So if you are working on something that will carry your personal name on it, take a good look at it and ask yourself

“Is that the best you can do?”

To your success,

Shawn King

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2009 February 6
Neva permalink

Hey Man! I hope you are doing well and enjoying life. Happy Birthday a day late! Talk to you soon : )

2009 February 6
Tim Lang permalink

You rock bro! keep up the good work, sending the message of wellness to everyone you come in contact with. See you at Mannafest!

2009 February 7
Irish permalink

Happy Birthday, 2 days late, my bad!
till hopeing you will come to visit us in Colorado!
You rock!

2009 February 7

Received this quote today in my email…

“Give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.”
– Madeline Bridges

Interesting Universe…

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