Are You Using The Right Fuel?

2009 February 14

Have you ever finished eating (breakfast, lunch or dinner) and felt like you could barely keep your eyes open and became completely drained?

How about after eating, have you ever felt energetic, enthusiastic, full of life and ready for the next task at hand?

Take a moment and think about the past few meals that you have eaten…

Now ask yourself…

How do I feel afterwards?

Bloated? Energetic? Stomach Ache? Full, yet still hungry? Drained? Nautious? Great? Lite, yet satisfied?

So many times I’ve eaten with others and watched them fall apart shortly thereafter.

You know, when you feel like you just want to go and lay down to nap afterward because you are starting to pass out.

I’ve got a good friend whom put it like this, “I pay real close attention to my energy levels during and following meals.  If I feel good to great after I eat, I eat that food regularly.  If I feel sluggish or tired, I remember everything I ate and start eliminating those foods to see which are not agreeing with me and have me feeling that way.”

This is one of the easiest, best ways to find out whether or not that food is serving you in your quest to be well, by taking a moment to notice how you feel afterward.

When you take a moment to actually think about eating and food, it’s really to refuel this bio-mechanical machine that we live in.

Just like a gasoline car, some will run on a low octane of say 85 really well. Yet others (like mine) will not run at all on that low of an octane and need at least 89 octane. While others like a fine tuned, high performance Ferrari or Porsche require at least a 93 or higher octane for optimal performance.

Now although we do not use gasoline in our bodies, we do use different levels of nutrition in the foods we choose to eat.

So ask yourself…

Are you using the right fuel?

Check Yourself!

To your health and well-being,

Shawn King

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2009 February 15
leticia permalink

This is my favorite one yet!! I love it!

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