What Are You Drinking?

2009 February 18

OK, I’ve been traveling for the past 6 weeks now and have been to several dozen friends and family members homes up to this point.

There has been 1 thing that has been bothering me most above all the rest.

Wanna guess what that is?

Didn’t think so…

It’s what everyone is drinking!

From gatorade, powerade, kool-aid, grape drink, orange drink ( I can’t call it juice because it’s less than 10%, which makes it pasteurized sugar water), to diet soda, regular soda, processed artificially sweetened tea, aluminum canned beer, whole non-organic pasteurized homogenized fortified cow’s milk, coffee, and no potable drinking water!

Come on people…

The human body is anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on body size.

To function properly, the body requires between one and seven liters of water per day to avoid dehydration; the precise amount depends on the level of activity, temperature, humidity, and other factors.

I’ve been to friends houses that do not have a fresh supply of drinking water!

Tap water does not count!

There are so many things turning up in our tap water from the obvious chlorine, floride, heavy metals, bacteria like E. Coli, prescription drugs and you name it.

Tap water is straight up nasty and wrong. Especially in the big cities.

Then you take into account that tap water is usually hard water. (Hard water is the type of water that has high mineral content.)

A UK nationwide study, funded by the Department of Health, is investigating anecdotal evidence that childhood eczema may by correlated with hard water.

Then I have some friends and family that have super packs of miniture bottled waters.  You know the ones that have maybe 8 ounces in them and you go thru like 5-10 of them a day.

Can anyone say “environmental disaster”?

Not only that, but then you take into consideration what those water sources really are (and most are not what you think), the leaching of the plastics into the water from the bottle itself that act as hormone disrupters, the acid/alkaline balance of the water and you do not have good water.

So seriously, where are you getting your water from?

Are you drinking enough pure, clean water?

When analyzing the trends of where we are headed, there are some great things coming to market.

All types of portable water filtration systems.

I’ve got one from a company called Wellness Water.

It holds about 2 glasses of water and has it’s own filter that lasts for over 100 gallons.  It’s a reusable bottle that does not get thrown out every fill up and is very simple and easy to maintain.

I chose Wellness because of the superior technology.

It’s not only a filtration system, it’s a water enhancer as well.  Your drinking water will go thru 7 stages.  From filtering out particles, contaminents, floride, chlorine etc, to breaking the water into smaller molecules which makes for better & faster hydration, slightly alkalizing the water (makes it better for your body), to running it thru a rare volcanic stone which releases trace minerals into the water.

Like this 1 Wellness H2O Reusable Water Filtration Bottle

They have a carafe for your fridge Wellness Carafe (2.3 Litres), whole house filters, over and under sink Wellness S-III Kitchen Under Counter Unit setups and shower filters ( Wellness Shower ).

I even bought one for my shower head ( Wellness Shower ) which is another story altogether when talking about water and your hot steamy shower.

So…  What are you drinking?

Think about it.

To your health and well-being,

Shawn King


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2009 February 24

I just came across this list and wanted to add it to this post.

A quick list of pollutants in typical tap water that need to be filtered out:

* Fecal Matter (up to 5 quarts a year!)
* Viruses
* Parasites
* Bacteria
* Fungus
* Pesticides
* Heavy Metals
* Chlorine/chloramines
* Pharmaceutical Drugs
* Hormone Blockers
* Cancer causing Nitrates
* Estrogens
* Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)
* Trihalomethanes (THM’s)
* Bad Taste and Odors and a few other things we are not allowed to say!

Get a filter!

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