Where Did This Food Come From?

2009 March 31

As I am wrapping up production with the Wellness Way Cafe Volume 1, I realized that I have not spoken with you lately.

Wellness Way Cafe is my video cookbook series that should be live in the next few days.  It consists of a compilation of cooking videos that are all vegetarian recipes with some being vegan and some raw.

It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun putting this together, I hope you take the time to enjoy it once we go live.

I was talking with a few people the other day and they were arguing the whole meat eating aspect of their diets.

Now… I personally do not eat meat and never have. I was raised vegetarian. However, I do not go around trying to convert people either. I am an advocate of educating yourself on what and why you are eating what you are eating.

And… asking questions like:

Is this a real food?

Is this food life promoting?

Is this an organic food that is free of chemicals and preservatives?

Has this food been altered in any way from its natural state?

Where did this food come from?

If you do eat meat, is the meat organic? or is it from a factory farm? how was the animal cared for? what do you know about the company that sells it to you?

Makes me think about this video I saw called The Meatrix, here check it out:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Even tho this is an animated video, how does it resonate with you?

Are you asking yourself the questions you should about how you eat and what you feed your body?

Do you go by the understanding and philosophy that you are what you eat and digest? That that is what you are?

Think about it…

You ingest elements that get broken down and utilized by your body to build your body.

So… are you giving yourself the right stuff to build the body you desire that will last you into the future?

That is the premise on which the Wellness Way Cafe was created. Too many people I know that are not being consciously aware of how they feed themselves. And then when some of them were looking to make adjustments, they are not sure of where to start and what to eat.

I get calls all the time from friends asking about how I eat and where I shop and all that stuff.  The Wellness Way Cafe has been designed with that in mind to begin the process…

To your health and well-being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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