Are You Cooking For A Vegetarian?

2009 April 13

Growing up as a vegetarian I always found it interesting when I would go over to friends houses and end up staying for dinner.

It was always interesting to see their parents reactions and confusion when I told them that I was a Vegetarian. ( This actually still happens today when I go over friends potlucks or holiday get-together)

They would always respond with things like…

Well what do you eat if you don’t eat meat?

Well that’s OK, I’ll make you eggs… (that was always funny, cause I didn’t eat eggs)

Or… Great, we are having fish tonight. (I didn’t eat fish either)

Then there was the… Just pick out the meat or eat around it comments… that was always funny too because I would rather not eat than eat the food that was soaked or cooked in the meat juices.

Then on the other hand I would have my friends over for dinner and it would be a Vegetarian Feast (my momma made some good stuff :)

I would have friends that would comment with things like:

That was the best, I didn’t need any meat.

What are you having tomorrow?

Can I come back over for dinner again?

If I could eat like that all the time, I wouldn’t eat meat either.

You see, once you learn to make good wholesome vegetarian meals, it can not only be nutritionally sound, it can be easy if you have some quick healthy recipes.

That is the foundation for why I created Wellness Way Cafe.

Press Release: Shawn King Releases Wellness Way Cafe – A Healthy Eating, Vegetarian Video Cookbook

So if you ever find yourself  cooking for a vegetarian and are unsure of what to make or would like to improve your vegetarian cooking, you can easily add many healthy recipes from Wellness Way Cafe.

Healthy Foods can be quick, easy, nutritional and tasty!

To Your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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