Prescription For Disaster – Video

2009 April 24

Disease, Illness, Medications, Drugs… What is going on with this crisis we are having in health care?

Have you taken a look around and noticed what has been happening in the health/sickness realm? We are definitely in need of some “Wellness Coaching”…

When you have a moment, this is a great video by Gary Null called Prescription For Disaster.

Prescription for Disaster: A Gary Null Production

Great Information for the Health and Wellness Crusader…

Learn on my friends…

To your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 April 24

OK…I just finished watching this. I wasn’t going to watch it cause it was so long, but then I started to get into it and then…it started to blow me away!


I’ve seen alot of stuff about these types of things going on and this just reinforces how messed up things are really getting. More people need to see this…

Thanks for posting this.

2009 April 29

I just got this in an email and thought of this post and how it was relevant. I don’t know the original other, but I doubt that they will mind getting the word out…

“Swine Flu Hoax?
So who are the swine behind the swine flu? That’s what I wanted to know.

Whenever I begin to see blaring headlines regarding the word “pandemic”, I make a call to Dr. Lorraine Day, the former chief of Orthopedic Surgery at USF. Not one to mince words, and a dogged researcher, I can count on Lorraine to give me the big picture behind the headlines. I made that call yesterday. Her first words, underscored with a hearty laugh, were “It’s just another hoax!”

Here’s the long and short of it according to Lorraine. First, the government is continuing on it’s path to incite panic so we will ideally demand to have protection from these ‘killer virus’ via vaccinations. This would help avert a less popular mandatory vaccination program, which is what the Elite would like to see happen. Lorraine is also quick to point out that truly noxious vaccines are being developed in laboratories that combine human and animal virus’ that can seriously compromise our immune systems if we allow them to be administered to us.

Secondly, she said that the Center for Disease Control needed to move their stockpiles of the flu drug Tamiflu, which didn’t make it out to the masses during the last panic, which was the ‘bird flu’. I find it interesting that Tamiflu was supposedly created as the antidote to bird flu, but the CDC now says it actually works just fine for swine flu too. It would appear that the stuff is quite non-specific in nature for what is considered to be a very specific strain of flu. Hummm. Anyway, pharmacy chains such as CVC are now stocking up in preparation for the “pandemic”.

As an aside, it may not surprise you to know that former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is a major stockholder in Gilead Sciences, a California bio tech firm that owns the rights to Tamiflu. A CNN report from 2005, when we were were being threatened with the bird flu, put Rumsfeld’s holdings somewhere between $5,000,000 to $25,000,000. This is the same gentleman who brought us the excitotoxin Aspartame, now known to cause serious neurological problems in humans. But, less I digress…..

Lorraine went on to say that 12, 60, even 120 deaths from flu do not make a pandemic. More than 500,000 people a year die from various flu virus’. There are still active flu strains out there from all of the usual sources. In fact, it was just reported that 2 young people in the Sacramento area were tested to have been infected with the swine flu virus, but, no worries, they recovered from their flu in 24 hours. Sounds just like the flu that’s been going around through my friends and other acquaintances over the past few weeks in Sacramento.

To further the story, she said that Prince Charles recently pushed for the subject of Developmental Sustainability be pushed to the top of the G-20 agenda. Developmental Sustainability is the code word for de-population according to Dr. Day. As you may recall, Charles’ father, Prince Phillip, when asked what he would like to come back as if he had another life, said “A virus.” The idea was that he would then be able to kill off the useless members of society. What a gentleman.

In short, Lorraine says do not worry. Just do your body a favor by eating a good clean diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits, get some sunshine and fresh air, turn to your spiritual practice, relax and, under no circumstances, allow yourself to be vaccinated. We’re all exposed to flu bugs, but if you can keep your immune system strong, you have nothing to worry about and the only swine involved here are those who are trying to keep us in fear.

posted by Conscious Media Network”

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