Why I Am A Vegetarian Part 1

2009 May 21

People many times ask me why I’m a vegetarian

Now… Besides being raised that way since birth (thank you Mom n Dad), I have done my research on why I still choose to be a vegetarian.

There are many reasons for this of which I plan on sharing with you on this website.

Today… I am going to share one of those reasons.

Why I am a vegetarian – Part 1

It’s called “Prevent Animal Cruelty”.

There are so many people that I know whom blindly eat and feed themselves whatever they can put into their mouth and whom do not educate themselves on what it is they do eat.

Today… Im going to share with you a very disturbing video on animals called From Farm To Fridge – The transformation of animals into Food.


This is very disturbing to me and I contemplated putting it on here.

However, YOU need to be informed so you can make the right choices for your life.

I do not push my agenda on anyone… I help educate and inform so people like yourself can make intelligent choices and decisions.

After viewing this you may understand a little bit more of why I have also created Wellness Way Cafe for those wanting to learn how to eat more of a vegetarian diet.

From the website where I got this video, here is the description…

Life on the farm isn’t what it used to be. The green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes portrayed in children’s books have been replaced by windowless sheds, tiny crates, wire cages, and other confinement systems integral to what is now known as “factory farming.”

Today the majority of farmed animals are:

  • confined to the point that they can barely move,
  • denied veterinary care,
  • mutilated without painkillers,
  • and finally slaughtered — often while fully conscious.
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Fortunately, each one of us has the power to help end this suffering by simply choosing to eat vegetarian.

If that video was not disturbing to you, you should probably not stay on my website… Cause I do not condone that type of activity… To me those people are disturbed mentally with NO respect for life…

Educate yourself on what it is that you are knowingly or unknowingly supporting by the way you choose to eat…

As always with your Health and Well-Being in mind,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2010 May 29

[...] discussed 1 of those reasons in the earlier post – Why I Am A Vegetarian Part 1 in which we were able to explore the “Animal Cruelty” aspect of a meat eating society [...]


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