Let’s Make A Greek Peasant Salad

2009 June 20

This salad is one of my personal favorites…

As part of creating healthy vegetarian meals for ourselves… I always find it fun and stimulating to learn new dishes.

This Recipe is part of the Wellness Way Cafe video cookbook series Volume 1 and has gotten many rave reviews.

Now as you’ll notice in the video… this salad contains no lettuce… yet is very scrumptious.


YouTube Preview Image

When you get a chance… i highly suggest making it at least once…

To your health and well-being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 June 23

I LOVE THIS RECIPE, I’v made the Greek Peasant Salad many times. :)


2009 July 19
Heather Srock permalink

Hey…I love red onion, but in it’s raw state it’s often just too strong…the best way to remedy that is to soak your chopped onion in a bowl of ice water for a several minutes (I usually do this first and let it hang while I do the rest of my prep). Drain it and use as intended. Really takes the “bite” out of it.

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