Are you working on your health so you can be successful?

2008 September 11

How are these even related?

There was a seminar I pesonally attended a few years back where one of the speakers was making some very interesting correlations between the two.

This guy owned a health and wellness research institute that studied the claims that were being made about different health programs, supplements, diets and products so that they could differentiate what was really working and what was merely hype or fad.

During this informative talk, he made a key point about health that I feel is worth repeating.

“successful people that we’ve studied did not get successful and then healthy, they got healthy and then successful as a result. The people that got success and did not take care of their health quickly spent it all working on regaining the health they lost in the process”.

So there lies the question of….

What are you doing to maintain your health while you work on your success?

Are you getting enough exercise?

Drinking enough pue clean water?

Eating enough real, raw, natural foods?

Getting the right essential nutrients with your supplements?

When it comes to supplements I always ask people a few basic questions.

What are the essentials necessary for the proper structure and function of the human body?

What are you eating?

Are you getting enough of all your essentials?

If not, that is where you should always start with your supplement program.

Essential means that your body cannot make it from other resources. You have to ingest these thru diet.

Now look at what you are eating abundantly and build your supplement program around what you are not getting enough of.

You see I personally supplement for proper structure/function.

Structure/Function means that my body requires it in order to build proper cellular structures and carry out normal physiological functions.

There are a lot of supplements out there that work great ON the human body, but only a few that actually MAKE the human body.

When you start to supplement then first start with what your body requires for proper structure and function. Then you can do all the fun – look what happens when I take this….. type of stuff.

All Wellness and Illness then starts with the basic building blocks of your body, the cells.

If they are built proper and strong and then given what they need to function optimally, then you are well. If you do not give yourself the raw materials you need for proper structure/function then your cells are not built properly and can/will lose their function.

When this happens to enough cells, you can become susceptible to major malfunctions that could result in disease and illness. Whether that is some kind of term the doctor gives to you as a named disease or it is in the form of low energy, cloudy thoughts, un-restful sleep, crankiness, low drive or you name it, what you really need is better, high quality nutrition.

So what is essential?

We know that the body requires:

26 different vitamins
72+ trace minerals
Fatty acids (omega 3’s, 6’s, 9’s)
Amino acids (proteins)
8 Glyconutrients (bioactive sugars required for cellular recognition and communication)
Phytosterols (plant hormones that your body converts to make human hormones)
Antioxidants (protect and repair your cells)
Pure fresh water, etc…

Now I ask,

Are you working on Your Health so You Can Be A Great Success?

When your ready to… meet me at On Your Path Of Wellness for the information you really need to make it happen.

To Your Health and Well Being,

Shawn King

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