Did you know this about your hormones?

2008 October 30

Did you know that hormones regulate your body processes.  They are chemical messengers that create biochemical responses that affect our appetite, body temperature, immune system, memory, mental state, metabolism, sleep, libido, and much, much more?

Did you know that Hormones are also responsible for our male and female attributes including our sexuality?

Did you know that when our hormones are not in balance or are diminished, we face an infinite variety of health challenges?

Did you know that supplementation with synthetic hormone replacement drugs has always been controversial and may actually cause more problems?

Did you know that scientific research reveals that adequate DHEA in the body can slow the aging process, and prevent, improve, and even reverse conditions such as cancer, heart disease, memory loss, obesity, and osteoporosis?

Did you know that DHEA blood levels peak between the ages of 20-25 and then decline with age in both men and women?

Did you know that phytosterols and glyconutrients, which are natural substances, extracted from plants, provide the nutrients and building blocks necessary for the proper support of our bodies own production of hormones and the balancing of our endocrine (hormone) system?

Did you know that the Mexican Wild Yam extract is almost identical to DHEA and contains a virtual biochemical storehouse of valuable phtyosterol hormone precursors?

Did you know that there is a safe, all-natural supplement available that can provide your body naturally with the building blocks it needs to enhance and balance your hormonal reserves as nature intended?

Did you know that many people take a Mexican Wild Yam supplement to enhance their immune system, and to level out their hormones?

Did you know that I take this stuff everyday and you should be as well to maintain vibrant, long lasting health?

Did you know that you can get it right here >>>> www.ProactiveWellnessSolutions.com

To your health and well being,

Shawn King


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