This Fast Food Restaurant Breaks The Mold

2009 July 15

As many of you know… I’m not a fan of fast food or processed food for many reasons.

Several of which are:

  1. The negative environmental impact of how the farming of animals and foods are done.
  2. The low quality of nutrition in the foods.
  3. The toxic preservatives and additives that are added into the foods before they are consumed.
  4. The commercialization of the world food supply and sameness that is everywhere. (You know how 1 small town can look exactly like 100 other small towns because the only restaurants are chain restaurants.) There is no originality.

Well… I was just informed of a “Chain” restaurant that was actually breaking the mold and using a more “Sustainable” business model to produce their food.

It came to my attention that they only use Free Range Animals that have not been pumped full of hormones and antibiotics as well as the best quality produce they can.

Now… I’ve actually been to this restaurant in several different states while traveling and was actually surprised at how they were operating.

The name of this restaurant?


Here is a quick clip with the founder and a farmer that contracts with them… Tell me what you think…

YouTube Preview Image

Interesting eh?

More interesting to me was the fact that Chipotle is actually sponsoring Free Screenings of the movie I talked about in a previous post called Food, Inc. all over the United States in multiple cities.

In fact, if you go to their website here you will see that they claim to be fully aligned with the messages from Food, Inc and state:

“The issues raised by the film Food, Inc. are important and complex, and everything we do at Chipotle strives to address them. Our Philosophy of Food With Integrity is an active process of working back along the food chain. It is a deeper level of thinking, consideration, and comprehension that goes beyond our distributors to understand how our vegetables are grown and our animals are raised. Food With Integrity is a philosophy solidly based on a foundation of not exploiting animals, the environment or people.”


This is the first chain restaurant that I have seen that has actually been successful and is using this type of philosophy.

What a different world it will be when it is adopted by the others that are exploiting our environment, people and the animals.

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 July 16
Patty Smith permalink

Thanks for the video. It’s nice to know some of the big guys are being socially reponsible.

2009 July 19

Great find and great article. I think and hope that the world is slowly going in that direction.

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