Are You Cooking With The Right Oils?

2009 July 22

As I have been engrossed lately into more and more research for the upcoming release of my Wellness Coaching Course “On Your Path Of Wellness”, so many things have come to the forefront pertaining to what products I have been personally using.

One thing that has stood out recently is the types of oils I use and what I’ve seen others using.

Hopefully by now you have heard and are aware that you should not be using any form of “Trans fats”. These would be things like partially hydrogenated oils and even fully hydrogenated oils.

You will find these types of trans fats in a lot of processed foods even though they may be labeled otherwise. You will want to look for them in things like crackers, chips, commercial peanut butter, etc…

What we do want to make sure we get into our diets though are enough of the healthy fats. You know… the ones that are essential to health and well-being. The omega 3’s and 6’s or scientifically known as Linoleic acid (omega 6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3).

Interesting to note is that up until this point I was using Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil for almost everything. I remember reading a few studies on the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and figured it was an easy one to make sure I was using on a regular basis.

I also read about all of the harmful findings of using some of the other oils like vegetable oils, canola oils and lard (as a vegetarian I never used this stuff, however, I’ve seen it at friends houses).


I’ve also been a fan of using Coconut Oil in it’s raw state for things like morning smoothies or even just taking a small spoonful every so often and then using the occasional sesame oil in some of my favorite dishes that include any type of a light stir fry or seaweed dish.

Here’s what I want you to know…

In my recent research and studies it has come to my attention that a lot of us are using the wrong oils to cook with.

You see, when we heat up the oils at too high of a temperature the oil can actually change it’s structure on the molecular level and begin bonding itself, oxidizing and causing a myriad of issues when consumed.

What this means is that some of the oils that are suppose to be healthy and good can actually be transformed into a molecule that is not so healthy anymore.

What’s more is that one of those oils that can actually mutate when heated is Olive Oil.

This was rather bothersome when I was reading this article due to the fact that it was the primary oil that I used in pretty much everything.

Now… don’t get me wrong… Olive oil is still a great oil to use, however, you don’t want to heat it to any type of high temperature.

What I did find out though upon further research was that Coconut oil was a much better oil to use when heating to any temperature and did not mutate like all the other oils.

In fact Coconut Oil is now the only oil I’m going to use when doing any type of cooking to my foods.


There are many, many benefits to Coconut Oil consumption and use which we will touch on in the future.

For now… I want you to take a look in your cupboards and see what types of oils you have…

What have you been using to cook with?

What types of oils are you eating raw?

Are you even making sure you are getting enough of your essential oils?

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

P.S. – I buy this kind from my local health food store all the time… If you have a hard time finding a good one in your area, order it online and have it shipped to you. Your health is definitely worth it!

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2009 July 22

Thanks Shawn.

Been hearing a lot about coconut oil lately.

Even as I was downloading your site – I thought- he won’t get me here.
I use the best cold pressed extra virgin olive oil!

I love to broil (very hot ) opps – mutated! yikes – you got me!

Thank you for all the research you are doing!

2009 July 22

Interesting article. I have heard some of this info before. I did not realize that Canola Oil was on the bad oil list…one more thing I have to pitch. ‘
Maybe I can find some use for it, like oiling my pruning shears!
I have heard that coconut oil is good for cooking…looks like that will be on my next grocery list-thanks!
GartenGrl at
Planning Plants to Plant

2009 July 22

Yea… Canola we will talk about shortly in our continuation talks on Oils…

Sounds like lubing your pruners could be a good use for it…

If I knew how to turn it into fuel for the car… that may be a good one as well…

2009 July 22

You are welcome Julia…

Yea I was using Olive Oil as well until now…

I used Coconut every blue moon, however it always changed the flavor a bit…

Something I will continue to talk about.

2009 July 25

Ahhhhh… Quit changing my reality Shawn! Great Article as always my friend.

2009 October 16

The coconut oil is making me ohhhh and ahhhhh while I eat.
Wowie…it is so delicious to bake some veggies in the oven in some coconut oil.
Amazingly good. Thank-you – saving the olive oil for salad dressing.

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