Do you know what the most important nutrient is for health maintenance?

2008 October 31

What if I told you it was the one that was missing?

If I told you that your diet was Vitamin C deficeint and you had scurvy, would you hesitate to take a Vitamin C supplement?

If I told you that you were deficeint in a group of necessary sugars called glyconutrients so that you could stay healthy and fight disease, would you hesitate to take them in supplement form?  Maybe.

The difference may only be that you already understand one and not the other.

You see when most people think of sugar they think sweet table sugar and bad stuff or no good.  When in actuality, not all sugars are created equal.

You see, there is also something called “necessary biologically active sugars.”

Out of the over 200 carbohydrates found in nature only 8 of them so far have been identified as belonging to this group of “necessary biologically active sugars”.

Only challenge is that we are now only finding 2 of them in ample supply in our Modern Diets, Glucose and Galactose.  The other 6, Fucose, Mannose, Xylose, N-acetyl neuramic acid, N-acetyl-glucosamine and N-acetyl galactosamine are no longer found in abundant quantities.

In the past, we seemed to get alot more of them in our diets.  In fact, most of the plants around the world that are known as “healing plants” have been found to have a high glyconutrient content.

So where are these glyconutrients normally found?

They are normally found in things like: aloe vera, astragulus, saps, gums, garlic, certain mushrooms, yeasts, husks, breast milk, coconut meat, echinacea, maize, pectins from fruit, some algaes, certain herbs.

However with things like: Green harvesting, processed foods, preservatives, increased toxins, a limited supply of options and varieties at most grocery stores, and depleted soil it has gotten even harder to get an ample amount of these glyconutrients in today’s modern food chain.

So what do you do?  Do you research to find out more?  Do you go ahead and supplement them into your daily diet?

There are an increasing number of scientists who feel that the lack of these essential plant nutrients is related to the development of chronic disease of all kinds.  There is increasing evidence that we need to take these nutrients as supplements for continued health and to help our bodies to regain health when we are deficient in these nutrients.” Walter W. Meyer, M.D.

The scientific evidence is now overwhelming in the role of these VITAL nutrients, the lack of proper amounts in our modern diets, the need to supplement them into our daily lives and the health benefits of taking them on a regular basis.

Be sure that you and your loved ones find out about this now and take action today to start living a more healthy and vibrant life.

You can learn more and order them in supplement form here.

To your health and well-being,

Shawn King

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