Modern, Traditional or Alternative Medicine?

2009 August 4

I find it interesting that what is actually “Traditional” medicine is now called “Alternative” medicine and this new “Modern” medicine is being called “Traditional” medicine.

Wow… That’s kind of a mental twister eh?

As a Wellness Coach, one of the things I do with others is shed light and educate about our personal health and wellness options as human beings on this planet.

Sometimes… I get to do that in fun ways with a light sense of humor… It’s good to smile and laugh (Studies prove it, lol)

Point being… I just came across this short spoof on “Modern Medicine”. It speaks “Truth” in a dry comical way however it makes the point and is a bit entertaining.

Let me know your thoughts…

YouTube Preview Image

To your health and well-being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 August 7

Interesting that this was put on YouTube by the Quantum Touch Organization. Thank you!

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