Wellness Coaching Tips Goes Live

2009 August 16

At Last! The Wellness Coaching Tips is up and Live.

As soon as you register for my Wellness Coaching Tips in the registration box in the top right corner of this website you will begin receiving Wellness Tips via email.

Wellness Tips is a Free Coaching idea that I had awhile ago that I have finally brought to fruition. It is where you will receive small tidbits of Wellness information via email on a regular basis. Usually 1 – 3 sentences worth.

Right now it’s set to send you a new tip every 2 days… As I progress with these tips I may make it a daily Wellness Coaching Tips pending your feedback.

I hope you enjoy… If you have any friends or family that could benefit from these tips… Be sure to pass them on and have them subscribe.

But wait… It gets even better…

My Wellness Coaching course “On Your Path Of Wellness” is also now Live…

What this means to you right now is that I have created a Free Wellness Coaching Video Series that you can also register for as soon as you visit www.OnYourPathOfWellness.com

As you can see… Lot’s of new stuff for you… And lot’s more coming…

To Your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 August 16

Wow! This is so great Shawn! I am excited for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am grateful for what you do, and I am looking forward to the information that you are sharing.

2009 August 17

Hey that is good idea. Maybe a little more digestible for people contemplating the whole shebang!

2009 August 17

Glad your excited Jeannette… That’s why I keep doing what I do.

Thanks Jeremy, The idea behind it was to give constant little
pieces for those wanting regular Wellness Thoughts…

Almost like Twitter style shorts… without any links, pics or videos

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