Why I Am A Vegetarian Part 3

2009 August 18

I remember back in High School when I was like 15 years old this Hip Hop album came out by KRS-ONE called Edutainment.

What a catchy name… Education and Entertainment = Edutainment

KRS-ONE is known as the teacher in Hip-Hop and has some of the most conscious rap lyrics of our time on his albums.

One of the things I’ve always liked about him is that he is also a Vegetarian and speaks up about it in his music.

That is something I could always relate to, especially being that I was one of the only vegetarians I knew in High School besides other family members.

I also remember listening to his music and feeling good about the choices I was making while learning a little bit more at the same time.

Here is one of his songs called BEEF in which he raps about just that… BEEF

Turn up your speakers and pay attention.

YouTube Preview Image

I would have to say that I played this song for almost everyone of my friends that ever questioned why I was a vegetarian while in grade school.

Funny thing that this song is now 19 years old and still just as relevant.

So… Another reason as to why I am a Vegetarian… Cause it’s conscious intelligence in action… Wake up my friends, Wake up.

It’s time to move into that place of higher consciousness and shed these mental shackles. And one of the easiest ways to raise your vibration is through what you do and don’t feed your body.

If you consistently feed yourself dead energetic food that has been poisoned with additives, preservatives, chemicals, colorings, growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics and the likes… Do you not think that those elements will become a part of you?

Hard to see the dark side is.

What if you fed yourself fresh, raw, organic, live, superfoods? You know, the high energetic foods that are full of life, nutrition and essential elements… Do you think that that energy would become a part of you?

It’s in our small daily actions and decisions that our lives are sculpted… It’s in the details…

So ask yourself…

Are you making Wise and Intelligent Choices when it comes to how you are feeding and taking care of yourself?

It’s time… Learn the necessary information to take yourself to that next level. We can be so much more and together we have power to make real changes to this whole entire life setup.

I’ve created multiple courses to assist those that are ready to join in with me. And, I’ve done it in a step-by-step fashion to make it simple to incorporate into your life.

Not only that, but I’m right here with you the whole time… Come on, let’s do this! Get on your path of wellness and step it up a notch.

To Your Health and Well Being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 August 18

“Beef – the number 1 drug on the street”…How true is that – That’s why I am a vegetarian to!! Thanks Shawn for all of your time you spend sharing with others :)

2009 August 19
Michelle permalink

Although I am not a vegetarian..I have make some very specific changes in my diet and have limited my meat intake. The types of meat and amounts of meat that my family and I eat (especially since over consumption of protein for non-body builders is practiced by many). Regardless, unless I am purchasing it organicly it still does not remove all the chemicals and drugs in the meat. Constant reminders like these make me aware of what I am doing to my body eveytime I eat meat. Not good!! Definate awareness and change need to happen. Thanks Shawn!!

2009 October 6


2010 January 31
Jeannette permalink

That song is awesome.

2011 October 24
Bremt permalink

Song is no lie either, I try to quit eating meat and just find myself craving it.

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