What Are Your Wellness Rituals?

2009 August 24

Let me start today by asking you a question…

Have you created “Wellness Rituals” in your life?

What, you ask, do I mean by that?

“Wellness Rituals” are those things that we do that are simple to implement, easy to do, have “Wellness Benefits” attached to them and ensure that we are living “On our Path of Wellness”.

Let me give you an example from my life…

In the morning, I have created multiple little Wellness Rituals that I do. The first thing I like to do upon waking is rehydrate myself. After a night of sleep, we have not eaten or drank anything for usually 7 – 12 hours. First thing in the morning we need to rehydrate and if possible replace lost minerals and electrolytes.

Therefore, lately I have created a morning ritual of right upon waking to drink a full glass of purified water ( which I use the Wellness Carafe to filter the water) with a pinch of Redmond’s Organic Sea Salt, which contains a full range of trace minerals and electrolytes.

This ritual re-hydrates my body and replaces lost or used minerals that are essential for my long term health and Well-being.


After about 5 – 10 minutes I move on to the next phase which would be to either make a morning fruit smoothie, a superfood drink, eat some fresh fruit and supplements or depending on the day some sort of morning flush or cleanse drink.

This is meant to help cleanse out toxins or give a super boost of nutrition to get my body working and my brain functioning. If I do some form of cleanse drink, then shortly thereafter, 15 or 20 minutes, I then do the nutrition drink.

Continuing on with the ritual, I then like to go outside, barefoot in the grass, get some sun on my body and take some deep breathes and move around a bit. This would include some light stretching, or for me I practice with the Martial Arts Nunchaku weapon almost every single day.

Also depending on how my body is feeling, I like to attend a morning class of Yoga or Nia (a dance/movement class with music).

Moving along I then like to go into learning mode. I like to spend anywhere from the next 1/2 hour to hour learning something. This could be in the form of reading, watching a video training, listening to a recording, or doing internet research.

I always have several topics that I amĀ  studying at ALL TIMES

This leaves plenty of room for the mood that I am in that day. Right now I am studying Health and Wellness (this has been ongoing for years), Internet Marketing, Copywriting and Personal Development.

So as you can see… That is what I mean by creating a “Wellness Ritual”. I have several others that I do throughout the day that again are very simple to do and implement.

It makes “Wellness” easy and at the same time ensures that I am covering what I call “The 4 Part Wellness Formula” so that I operate from that important place we call “Personal Responsibility” and am functioning from a more “Optimal Health” standpoint.

If you are unfamiliar with “The 4 part Wellness Formula” and what I mean by that, simply go over to www.OnYourPathOfWellness.com and register for that 25 minute video presentation and I will send you access codes.

So let me ask…

What are your “Wellness Rituals”?

Do you currently have any?

Could you add to them?

Are your rituals adding to your health and vitality or taking away from your health and vitality and adding to your toxicity?

If your morning consists of a stressful alarm clock, frantic rushing about, large cup of coffee, sugar, cream, traffic, and STRESS… Are you really setting yourself up for success?

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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