It’s a philisophical difference….

2008 November 3

Your body is a magnificent, wonderful bio-machine.  It was designed with an innate program of wanting to live, wanting to be well, wanting to function normally, wanting to be the perfect vehicle for your soul to be here and experience this amazing thing we call life.

So lets think about how this wonderful body works.  Your body has certain elements that it requires in order to build proper structures called cells.  Cells make tissues, tissues make organs, make systems, make the body. 

In order for these basic building blocks to build themselves, they require specific nutrients.  Without these nutrients your body cannot make proper cells and those cells cannot function the way they are suppose to.

Once you have a bunch of cells that are abnormal and not functioning properly, we start to take notice with symptoms.  We may not be able to sleep properly or have enough energy to get thru the day or whatever it may be for you.

Now what I want you to recognize is that it is just a symptom of your body not building proper structures and not functioning the way it was designed to.

So when this happens, Does it make more sense to go take a sleeping pill or pain killer or whatever, or does it make more sense to give your body the required elements so that it can do what it was designed to do and get to the root of the cause?

Do you really think your body is not sleeping well because you are not producing enough ambien?

Or maybe it’s that your hormone system is out of balance and is not getting the raw materials to make hormones.

Do you think you have allergies because you are not getting enough clarinex?

This list could go on forever……..

The point here is that it is a philisophical difference in the way you think about your body and taking care of it.

Do you want to mask symptoms forever until something serious and possibly life threatening goes wrong? (That could be a Prescription for Disaster)


Do you want to supply your body with the essentials that it requires for proper structure and function?

Seriously, think about that for a moment and then take a look at yourself and how you have been doing it so far.

Do you need to make some adjustments and learn proper care?

Do you need to learn what is essential and how to clean out your system with cleanses and detoxing?

Or maybe you need a painkiller to numb this all out and a sleeping pill so you can go back to sleep and not have to think about anything.

We need to learn to get away from the quick symptom fix of a drug and move more into a longer term thinking of supporting my system for optimal health approach.

This is a philosophy that you adapt that guides your thinking processes and filters your input as to what is right for you and your body.

As always, To Your Health and Wellbeing,

Shawn King

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2008 November 29

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