Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat? Why I Am A Vegetarian Part 4

2009 September 9

The all mighty question… Are we as a species actually designed to be Carnivores, Omnivores or Herbivores?

If you take a real close up look at the design of the different types of species on this planet… You will begin to see many similarities amongst the different groups.

And interestingly enough… we as humans do not have a short intestinal tract that is very high acidity that will dissolve and digest bone, hair, and everything else that a true carnivore can. We also do not have sharp pointy teeth for ripping flesh, nor do we prefer to hunt down the diseased, crippled and weak animals to eat.

In fact…

We have a long intestinal tract (right around 30 feet long), have a low acid intestine, we have flatĀ  teeth for grinding and mulching, and need physical weapons in order to catch and kill most animals for their meat.

Makes you wonder for a moment why that is…

While your wondering… listen in to Dr. Milton Mills talk a bit more about how Carnivores are designed.

YouTube Preview Image

Now that’s coming from a doctor who obviously has been studying how we really function. And it doesn’t take a degree to understand what he’s talking about. (Only common sense)

I think what I really want to say here is, I feel we are in serious denial and are not in touch with what we really are as a species. And that’s on more levels than just this eating thing. (However how we eat plays such huge roll in how we live)

What an interesting planet this would be if we really sat back for a moment and took in all the knowledge we have acquired up to this point, synthesized it, put it into application and then moved forward.

There is so much information out here about how things work, how we work, how this whole thing is put together and yet we are not actually putting much of it into real application in our daily lives.

And it all starts with you and the choices that you make.

Hopefully one day you’ll be ready to choose wellness. When that day comes, leave a comment. (And learn some healthy eating habits like those laid out in my Cookbook and Wellness Course)

To your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 September 10
Michelle permalink

Well I am not sure Shawn, my teeth are a little sharp and I still am able to eat lots of chickens….But I hear what you are saying :)

2009 October 6

The chickens are safe from me!

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