5 Health Benefits of Raw Honey

2009 October 17

Can Raw Honey really be beneficial to health?

You bet’cha… In fact, when looking through history, we can see that it has been used for many different things over the past several thousand years.egyptian tomb

Check it out… Honey has been used since ancient times both as a food and as a medicine. It was reported that archaeologists found 2000 year old jars of honey in Egyptian tombs and they still tasted delicious!

Also, Apiculture, the practice of beekeeping to produce honey, dates back to at least 700 BC.

And for many centuries, honey was regarded as sacred due to its wonderfully sweet properties as well as its rarity.

Today, Raw Honey can be gathered from fields of wildflowers in nature that have not been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers.

Have you tasted the Raw Honey difference yet?

The bees choose the color, flavor, and texture of the honey by the varieties of wildflowers and herbs they forage and the flavor is unique to the flowers used.

With your first taste, you’ll know you are eating something extremely extraordinary.

While the average consumer wants a good, clear strained honey, which is fine, however for health reasons, raw honey is what we need.

honeycomb Raw Honey is never strained, never filtered, and never heated. In this way it will retain all of its nutritional value which is where the many health benefits of Honey are stored.

However, keep in mind that the health benefits of honey – like all foods – will always depend on the quality of the honey.

One word of caution about Raw Honey

Do not feed honey-containing products or use honey as a flavoring for infants under one year of age; honey may contain Clostridium botulinum spores and toxins that can cause infant botulism, a life-threatening paralytic disease. Honey is safe for children older than 12 months and adults.

So with that in mind, here is a taste of 5 health benefits of consuming Raw Honey:

1) Raw Honey has been shown to be an Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, and Anti-Fungal substance.

In this respect, it can be very beneficial to your immune system and may assist in a wide variety of common ailments.

2) Aids stomach and digestion

In digestive disturbances honey is of great value. Honey does not ferment in the stomach because, being an inverted sugar, it is easily absorbed and there is no danger of a bacterial invasion. The flavor of honey excites the appetite and helps digestion. The propoma of the ancients, made of honey, was a popular appetizer.

3) For healing ulcers and burns

Many years ago, a study by Robert Bloomfield, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reports “Applied every 2 to 3 days under a dry dressing, honey promotes healing of ulcers and burns better than any other local application. It can also be applied to other surface wounds, including cuts and abrasions…”

4) Honey has anti-cancer properties.

Recent studies by Gribel and Pashinskii indicated that honey possessed moderate antitumor and pronounced anti-metastatic effects in five different strains of rat and mouse tumors. Furthermore, honey potentiated the antitumor activity of chemotherapeutic drugs such as 5-fluorouracil and cyclophosphamide.
– Gribel, N.V., and Pashinskii, V.G. Antitumor properties of honey. Vopr. Onkol., 36:704-709, 1990.

C.V. Rao at the American Health Foundation in Valhalla, New York found caffeic acids in propolis are inhibitors of colon cancers in animals. Other research shows hive products have the ability to prevent and halt the spread of malignant diseases. Earlier research by M.T. Huang also published in Cancer Research found caffeic acids effective in inhibiting skin cancer tumors in mice.
– American Bee Journal, June 1994

5) A Spoonful a Day Keeps Free Radicals at Bay

Daily consumption of honey raises blood levels of protective antioxidant compounds in humans, according to research presented at the 227th meeting of the American Chemical Society in Anaheim, CA, March 28, 2004.

Biochemist Heidrun Gross and colleagues from the University of California, Davis, gave 25 study participants each about four tablespoons buckwheat honey daily for 29 days in addition to their regular diets, and drew blood samples at given intervals following honey consumption. A direct link was found between the subjects’ honey consumption and the level of polyphenolic antioxidants in their blood.

So there is a small taste of what you can experience with Raw Honey.

Make it a sweet part of your day… I do.

To Your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King
Wellness Coach

“How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

-Bible (Old Testament)

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2009 October 18
Michelle permalink

Wow… that is some amazing information. Who would have know? I can’t stomach the wheatgrass…although I do it. But honey is something that I can actually enjoy because it tastes so good. Yet again you give everyone these little kept secrets.. thanks again!!! And you quoted a Psalm… lol

2009 October 18

Now if you only could tell me where to get it.

2009 October 18

@ Michelle – Glad you liked it. A Psalm from me… go figure.
@ Sean – That would help wouldn’t it… I’ll add in a few links to the bottom of the post.

2009 October 19

In this way it will retain all of its nutritional value which is where the many health benefits of Honey are stored

Yeah, RAW honey is good, just like many other RAW things…notice how majority of what is in the stores and available to the masses though, is typically striped of all the nutrients, refined, hydrogenated, processed and regurgitated(LOL).

It’s no-wonder that we are the nation of obese, broke and drug addicted (big pharma’style) people.

Thanks Shawn for posting this and getting it out there…

Here is a good video:

2009 October 19

Nice! I am going to pick up my raw honey and cononut oil soon. Thanks again for all the great info—I learn something new every time I read your posts. :> Can you blog about insomnia one of these days? :)

2009 October 19

Thanks for the info Shawn. I’m going to Zerbos today to see if they carry it!

2009 October 19

@ itsjeremy – thanks for posting the video… I did a post on Food Inc. awhile back. you can check it out here http://shawn-king.com/blog/wellnesscoach/593/food-inc-movie-trailer-must-see/

@ Jeannette – Glad to hear you are getting good info. And yes, I will do some things on Insomnia for you…

@ Ryan – If Zerbos doesn’t carry it, Whole Foods definitely does… As well as most health food stores, co-ops, some farmer’s markets and I think Willie down on 8 mile slangs it out of his trunk (lol)

2010 March 27

mmmm…..we devour honey. Using blueberry honey presently, and my fav is using it as hair conditioner. But we eat it, bathe with it.
Gotta check out some more of your site now. Glad I found you.

2011 March 24
Patty permalink

What about the benefits of “local” raw honey for prevention of seasonal allergies?

2011 September 15
Catherine permalink

Does raw honey help to aid in the clearing of clogged arteries and lowering cholesterol?

2011 October 18
Shadrack Musyoka permalink

Yah, Raw & Natural honey is highly medicinal and nutritious in nature.
I do bee keeping and selling of the raw honey in nairobi kenya- Africa. Anyone interested in Raw Honey can get in touch with me via email: kituihoney@gmail.com and will assist.

2012 February 11
phillip johnson permalink

After trying pure raw honey for about a wk. now,i am amazed at the difference it has made
in my digestion and in general the way i feel,you must find the pure raw honey from the
nearest place from where you live as told to me by a health food store owner,most health food stores and organic foods shops either have local honey or know where you can get it,1 teaspoon a
day is my daily start and maybe i’ll increase later,its very expensive to the tune of $10.00 a pint.

2012 February 12
Jonlemons permalink

Raw Honey is a source of medicine in many ways that the DR.s know very well about BUT WILL NEVER TELL YOU bc prescription pills is their way to make money. There is a book called “The Divine Prescription and science of health and healing” by Gunther B. Pauline…. you can heal yourself and prevent diseases by eating the right foods NO MORE NEED for doctors n pills. NATURAL HEALING

2012 February 15

Thanks for the great post, Shawn!

I just used raw honey and cinnamon to help shorten the duration & lessen the intensity of my 2-year old’s cold. Worked like MAGIC.

Raw & LOCAL, IMO, is the best. =)

- Jennifer

2012 November 16
Gail permalink

I just realized I haven’t had a cold this fall when by now I have had 2-3 in past years. I have been using a teaspoon of honey in my daily tea since this summer. All my coworkers are coughing and sneezing and I am unscathed by whatever is going around the office and this is the only change I can attribute it to.

2013 January 21

That is very nice informachiom about raw honey… My husband & I have started to dirnk just Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, but we read that if you use raw honey that it would help your body more… We took A. C. V. for a couple of months, & then started to use organic raw honey..

My husband is a diabetic, & I am glad that we heard about then, because Dr. don’t ever like to tell you anything, because they want to make money off you… Most people hate to see the Dr… when they are sick… Not many people today has insurance, & I want to try to tell people about what I have learned…

2013 November 2
blaze permalink

Raw wildflower honey is good as well,the best medicine! Along with fruits and veggies is all the meds you will ever need.
Great article.

2015 May 9
gary. snowden permalink

Excellent fact

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