Who Eats Honey Anyway?

2009 October 25

Recently we talked about “5 Health Benefits of Raw Honey“…

What didn’t really occur to me at the time was that a lot of people are not used to eating honey anymore.

I mean think about it… Sugar has become the all reigning champion of sweetners in the U.S. by far. And after sugar comes all of the “Unhealthy” sugar substitutes like Equal, Sweet n Low, Splenda… you know, the stuff that is on almost every restaurant table and is toxic to human health. We’ve talked about it a bit… If you haven’t read those posts, at least… check out: Are you still consuming this “Poisonous” ingredient? as well as The Dangers of Aspartame

What’s the point of all this talk anyway?

Well… Its rather simple, when it comes to Wellness… we pay attention to what we put into our bodies and where it comes from. And since we are bombarded with bad chemical sweeteners everywhere we go… it then creates the need to learn about and understand – What exactly are the good sweeteners?

And that is what this video is all about… Creating another layer of understanding about our foods and where they come from.

This video is entitled “Raw Honey = Yummy For My Tummy”

YouTube Preview Image

So hopefully that helped add a few more tidbits of data to your ever growing base of knowledge and understanding of the foods we eat.

You know the Organic Natural Foods that are harmoniously on the earth and will sustain all life forms… Not the chemically altered, mystery food that man has created with his potions, chemicals, dyes, colorings, bleaches, high temperatures and “Spices”.

To Your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

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2009 October 30

Delicious!!! I am enjoying my raw honey—no more of the crappy stuff!!! Thanks for this video!


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