Open your mouth and CHECK YOUR GRILL! aka your teeth!

2008 November 6

When I was but a young lad I began to get cavities. Unbeknown to me I would begin receiving amalgam fillings. (The silver looking ones)

In my mid 20’s I began experiencing all types of health challenges that showed up in the form of Brain fog, memory loss, depression, irritability, inability to concentrate, blurry vision, lack of energy, metallic taste in mouth, hair loss in patches the size of 50 cent pieces, shortness of breath (even though I was training in Martial Arts 6 days a week) and blood in my stool to name a few.

After visiting numerous doctors and naturapaths and whomever else I could afford at the time, I was finally diagnosed with mercury and heavy metal poisioning. As well as: leaky gut, clogged liver and kidneys, parasites, severe candida, clogged lymphatic system, numerous food allergies and multiple nutritional deficiencies.

On my path to regaining and rebuilding my health, almost every issue led back to the root problem of the amalgam fillings.

Do your health and well-being a huge wellness must – Go over to the mirror, open your mouth and CHECK YOUR GRILL!

If you have any silver looking metal fillings – THAT IS MERCURY!

GET IT REMOVED IMMEDIATELY IF YOU CARE AT ALL ABOUT YOUR WELL-BEING. (By someone whom is properly trained in the safe removal so as not to make conditions worse).

Begin your education on what that deadly substance is doing to you and pass it on.

Upon reflection years later, I can say that this is one of the main reasons why I am so passionate about helping educate and inform others about Wellness Solutions.  Having been ill, feeling sick like I was dying, and then to be well again, better than before, I almost feel passionately obligated to share what I have learned over the years on my path of regaining and maintaining Health and Wellness in my life.

As always, To Your Health and Well-Being,

The Wellness Coach

Shawn King

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