Are You Committed?

2009 November 30

Are you committed to better health?

Seriously… ask yourself. Have you made a commitment to yourself to do what it takes to support a proactive healthy lifestyle?

You see…

I talk with people all the time that tell me that they want better health… but they are not committed to doing what it takes.

What I mean is, we can all say we want to improve our vitality and health, but not actually commit to it.

How many times have you told yourself that you were going to start exercising regularly or eating better?

Have you ever told yourself you were going to make more fresh home cooked meals?

What about start going to a Yoga Class or something along those lines?

Be honest… Because we all do it. We all tell ourselves we are going to start making better choices that will lead us closer to our dreams, goals and aspirations. However, until we commit ourselves to the outcome, we are only hoping, wishing and dreaming.

I have a friend who has been talking about losing weight for around 7 years. Yet, has consistently put on a few more pounds every year. Now despite the fact that he has been implementing some of the things that will help to increase his overall health meter, he has not committed to losing the weight.

How can I say this?

Because I observe closely and see that his actions and thoughts are not congruent with his wishes.

If you really want to live a healthy lifestyle, there is more information out here than you could possibly go through in a lifetime. Yet so many people are unhealthy, sick, overweight, unhappy and dying while the knowledge is at their fingertips.


They have not made a decision to commit to being healthy.

And you know what… True Wellness can really be that simple. If you are committed to it, it will reflect in your thoughts, words, emotions, actions, and all the way down to your “being-ness”.

You see…

When I came down with all types of health issues (which we go into detail in my Wellness Course – On Your Path Of Wellness) I was all kinds of ill.


I made a commitment to myself. A commitment that I would find a way. A commitment that I would live a healthy life free of all negative ailments. A life of abundant health and vitality.

I was committed to finding a natural way to get to the bottom of my ailments. To restore health, energy, vitality, and longevity to this genetic space suit that we live in.

And because I was committed, I never stopped searching, reading, learning, asking questions, studying, visiting specialists, or going through courses.

In fact, it is because of this commitment that I still to this day am constantly learning, reading, going to seminars, getting on conference calls, webinars and anything else I can do to improve my current level of understanding.

It all comes down to making a commitment to yourself.

As soon as you commit to living a Wellness Lifestyle, you’ll be amazed at how simple it really is.

So I ask you…

Are you committed to Wellness? I am.

How bad do you want it?

To Your Health and Well-Being,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

“One quality of leaders and high achievers in every area seems to be a commitment to ongoing personal and professional development.”
~Brian Tracy

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2009 December 1

You could not have said this any better – I truly believe we all make the decision to be healthy or unhealthy.
People do not realize the power of their own thoughts – I am glad that you are sharing yours with all of us :)
Your Wellness Courses are great and have put me on my own path of wellness – Thank you for all that you share!!!

2009 December 1

@JuiceGirl – We are going to discuss Decision next. You see, its the decisions that we make that determine everything. We decide to make a commitment. We decide to keep or break our commitments. Yet we have the ability to commit ourselves to achieving that which we have decided upon. Glad to hear you are on your path.

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