I Decided My Way Here

2009 December 1

Today I woke up and lived my decisions.

Upon waking, I first made a decision between coffee, tea or water with Sea Salt. – I decided on water with Celtic Sea Salt

Then I thought about going down to the ocean for some sunshine and a stroll on the beach. – I decided to work instead.

I got hungry for breakfast and thought about either making Ezekiel Bread Toast, a frozen fruit smoothie, or apples. – I decided to eat 2 apples.

As I was working (since I work for myself) I decided to veer from the days plan of recording some videos and instead I decided to do some writing instead.

When it came to lunch time, I decided to make a large fresh salad with Organic Romaine Lettuce, Raw Beets, Radishes, Celery, and a nice homemade lemon dressing. It was good.

You see…

Life is just like this… a bunch of small decisions that we make that either help us get closer to our goals, dreams and aspirations or further from them.

The main challenge comes from us living in indecision.

What I mean is, we have not decided on a way of life for ourselves. We have not decided to be who we are really here to be. And therefore, we do not pay attention to all of the small decisions that we make throughout the day and what the accumulation of those decisions will end up being.

Or even worse…

We procrastinate from making any decisions at all.

You know what I mean, when we continue to put off those important decisions that will have a major determining factor in where our life is right now and how our life will eventually turn out.

If I have not made a decision to be proactive about my health, then by default, I have decided to leave it up to fate. That somehow I will make all of the right moment-by-moment decisions that will guide me on my path.(kinda like I have my fingers crossed, I’m blindfolded, and knocking on wood. Not the most intelligent way to reach a desired outcome)

If I have not decided to care about it, then odds are I will be like the remaining masses of people who have not decided or have actually decided not to care, and will eventually become one of the growing number of people that live in a victim state of “How did the happen to me?” when their body eventually breaks down and they become ill.

It all comes down to making a decision.

We make a major decision to care about how we feel, our energy levels, our vitality, better yet, our quality of health.

Then, we follow that up with many small decisions throughout our days and life that will help us live and fulfill the major decision. Our moment by moment decisions will either accumulate for the better or for the worse.

So now, we can look at our lives and ask ourselves…

Have I decided to be Health and Wellness Oriented?

Have I decided to be Proactive and in control of my Health?

Have I decided to make the most beneficial Wellness Choices available to me at this moment?

Have I decided to pursue Optimal Health?

Its your decision.

Ive made mine. I have decided my way to this exact very moment in my life either sub-consciously or consciously. Its in my hopes that my major conscious decisions will then effect my sub-conscious decisions.

I decided to create this blog for us.

I decided to write this post for us.

I decide everyday to be who I am.

To Your Health and Wellness decision making,

Shawn King

Wellness Coach

“It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off! You cannot make progress without making decisions.” ~ Jim Rohn

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2009 December 3
Irish permalink

Bro, awesome insights; opens up the mind! Nowhere have I seen a mention of Mannatech products, are you still taking these products? I would like you to share your opinion, openly, or in a private e-mail; just curious!

2009 December 3

Irish, glad you like the thoughts.

As for Mannatech… Yes, of course I still take it… Along with many other things.

However, the new laws are a bit iffy on what you can and cannot say online. In fact, the FDA requires that educational material be separate from specific product promotion.

Since I use this blog to educate and inform people about things, I rarely mention specific products, yet alone brands. I only tell people the specifics when they ask me.

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